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Red Robin

D you cut the flower heads of a red robin once it has flowered?

Do you mean Photinia red robin??? The evergreen shrub or ragged robin the herbaceous wild flower??? Love lizzie

I think its the evergreen shrub, its about 10ft tall now
Grandma Bodger

Scottie any chance of a photo its a new one to me    :
Rare one

Is this of any help to you Scottie

Photinia Red Robin is grown for the spectacular new red foliage. Pruning throughout the year helps to encourage this spectacular foliage. Prune back quite hard after the foliage has faded to a dull bronze. This will ensure a further 'crop' of new growth. As with other evergreens, it is best to prune Photinia Red Robin in the growing, and not dormant, seasons.

You can prune Photinia red Robin into a formal shape if desired. For this reason it can make a superb - colourful - hedge.
Photinia is quite quick growing once established, and may need to be pruned back hard if growing out of control. As with most evergreen shrubs, the best time to Prune Photinia Red Robin is at the start of the growing season - late March/early April in UK. It will soon re-grow, and then can be kept under control by pruning as and when required - above.

Photinia (Stranvaesia) Red Robin, showing the bright new red shoots in spring/early summer. A further flush of red growths can be persuaded to shoot out, either by cutting back hard or by light prune with shears. When doing this type of pruning, remember that you are taking a lot of growth from the shrub, so help the Photinia to put on a colourful display for you after pruning, by giving a feed of Fish Blood & Bone or other general fertilizer.

If grown as a hedge, then prune as required - either with electric hedge shears or any normal pruning aid.

Aha all is clear now! Very unusual for it to flower - I have a huge one and its never managed it! It can be cut back hard so if you dont like the spent flowers i'm sure a little trim wont hurt it. love Lizzie

Flowers past their best now but here it is.

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