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Red Kite feeding station at Gigrin Farm Rhayader

Set off yesterday to meet the family at Gigrin Farm. After driving through a blizzard we arrived in time for a nice lunch of sausage and mash at a local hostelry (local sausages - yummy!)  Then on to the farm in time to look around and meet the other animals and get a good place in the hides to watch feeding at 3pm.
It's an amazing spectacle, with hundreds of red kites swooping in to take the meat. Crows and the odd buzzard also try to get a piece of the action causing a few airborne skirmishes. Also spotted a semi albino kite. Apparently not all birds come every day so numbers have improved massively. They're all descended from one breeding female from not so long ago so saved from the very brink of extinction!

Apologies fro the poor photos with my Mickey Mouse camera, but I hope you'll get the idea.

and finally   who's a pretty boy then?

Yorkshire Geordie

Cor - marvellous display.

Shades of Hitchcok's Birds by the looks of them - you're not really called Tippi Hedren are you?  

Thanks for showing us all.
I'm sure I wouldn't be disappointed with the pictures if they were mine.
There's no need to apologise - be proud instead.

What a wonderful display - we get excited if we see ONE Red Kite  

kaz wrote:
What a wonderful display - we get excited if we see ONE Red Kite  

Yes but I'm seeing that one red kite a lot more often around here. Saw one 3 times last week in the YFfor - Rhosfawr area. They're coming........


It is a lovely sight   see quite a few red kites here now. Nearest feeding station - mm, cant remember the name but about half hour from here. Seeing more each year  

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