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Red Currents

My wife & grand daughter picked our red currents today 1 bush = 27lb 7oz

Click to see full size image

Bally heckers.....  

What a crop....  

Guinness book of records....    for you...

That's a heck of a crop! Well done

red currents

I have just re read my post & realised I had made a mistake it should have been 21lb 7oz. Sorry for the mistake.
My Tomatoes are not doing so well, they are about 1 & a quarter inch in diameter & they are ripening, they are all small.

Still very impressive !!!

red currents

I went up the garden with Gloria & the grand daughter taking the bowls & chairs & realised I had forgotten the camera to take a photo before we started picking but I have a photo somewhere of a previous year. I will find it.

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