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Recycling, whats the point?????

I am not one for recycling, use it and throw it away is my motto. But with pressure from the wife to follow suit. I am now putting the orange bags out on a Friday morning with the usual rubbish.

So this morning I have done my early morning duty with the rubbish and along comes the scout who picks up the bags and puts them all in one pile to make life easier for the dustcart when it arrives. But this morning the scout had an official looking type with him, all suited with a hi viz, looked a right plank. Anyway he is picking up the orange bags, giving them a shake then putting them down. Not helping the scout at all, Anyway he gets to my next door neighbours pile of rubbish and picks up a orange bag, shakes it and puts it to one side, pulls a roll of stickers out of his pocket and slaps a "REJECTED" label on the bag.

I ask the scout what all that is about and he tells me he shakes the bag and if he dont like the sound it makes, he rejects it as it may contain unsuitable items.

Seriously what a pile of shite!! I wonder how much this jobsworth earns to make them high profile descions? :q11: How can he tell what is not supposed to be in the bag just by giving it a shake? Surely a detailed autopsy on the pavement of the offending bag would be more precise!

The scout then informs me that the bag will be left outside the property to be collected by a seperate dept and the homeowner BILLED accordingly.

I am not going to bother with it, all my rubbish in one bag, reclyclable or not. :angry4: :angry4:

Even when you are trying to do your bit, the council have found a way to claw a few more quid out of you :q11:

i do recycle , but i know what you mean......i have seen the binmen pick up recycleable bags here and just chuck them in the bin cart......and i have also left things out for recycling, and they have been left there for me to get rid of some other way.....

sometimes i do wonder what the point of it all is, i usually recycle things at home, until i have no more use for them or they have no more use left in they get put in the recycle bag....

my OH got hold of some pencils made soley from recycled polystyrene cups, even the ' lead ' was made from them, but i cant help wonder just how much energy was used in making them and was it economically sound not only monitarily but for the environment?

they certainly dont make it easy for people.....a friend of mine keeps rabbits, for showing, she has in the region of 100, and she always has problems when she cleans them out, as to what to do with all the shavings she does not have any land to use them on, so she asked at the local landfill, and the local recycling if she could bring them there....she was told very curtly NO!! so she said fine, i will carry on putting them n my dustbin every where is the sense in that, but what else can she do?

and you get charged to take away things like fridges freezers wonder when you drive over the mountains there are hundreds of them all over the place along with tyres,bricks, beds etc etc

If I was you I would ring them up and lodge a formal complaint.  Recycling is a massive concern for local authorities as they have targets to meet. Write your local councillor, borough councillor and MP, then write the local paper.  

There is no excuse for what that official did, it just either "jobsworth" or "revenue generating".

We have 2 bins and 2 plastic boxes here and even if you put the wrong sort of card in the paper box our binmen just sort it as they put it in the lorry and leave it in your box.  No big deal, we just put it in another pile and take to the recycling once a month where they do accept heavier card.

We only have fortnightly collections so have been forced to recycle or the bins would be overflowing.
There are no end of jobsworths here, petty people who will soon be complaining they are out of a job because there isn't as much rubbish for them to collect. Our bins are not emptied if the lid isn't closed and if they see a plastic bag in the recycling bin it will not be emptied. There is no way that they will sort it for you.
We were asked last time we went to the tip if we were in a trade vehicle.  It was because we were in a series 3 Landrover with no windows on the side.

I've had a look at the sticker and it says...



How the hell can just shaking the bag prove in anyway what is inside it?
Does it make a different noise then? What type of training do you think this official has had to qualify him to differentiate between different sounds a bag of damned rubbish can make. :angry4:

My neighbour has said he will just take it down the tip and dump it, he aint paying for it to be removed.

We've given up paying for our 'commercial' collection for the shop as there is a private firm of recyclers who'll collect for free when we phone them. We just phone them to say we've got a collection of cardboad boxes, plastic bags and paper and they normally arrive within the hour and a very civil chap takes it away for free. Saves us paying up to 200 (on top of our rates) for the council monkeys to collect it.
All that's left is a mountain of coat hangers which we give to the charity shops or leave outside the shop for customers to help themselves.

Different story at home - have a complicated chart saying what's collected when, but my 'blue boxes' haven't been emptied for two weeks  

Have I offended the recycling gods??

At least when I moved in June 2004, I moved from an area with bags and boxes to a green wheelie bin for general rubbish and a grey wheelie bin for recycling. So long as the lids shut and there are no plastic bags in the grey bins - no problem.

There was a problem for my daughter when the council said that they were rolling out brown composting bins for her area. She rang up and said she didn't need one as all her compostable stuff goes on my allotment compost heap. The nice lady at the council argued till daughter explained that she lives in mortal fear of her mother and would the council lady like to meet me? Council lady gave in.  

Mmmmm intresting post this...

My Brother in law is a bin man.

Intrestingly enough he advised me of some real NO NO goings on within council collections and so called recycleing campaigns buy local goverment and councils as well as charitys!.

Did you realise that the Britsh Heart Foundation just to name but one pay and regularly employ local council contracted bin wagon hire plus workers (here in coventry twice a month) to take away and dispose of donated recycleable / charitable goods.

I can get the exact fee (brother in law not answering his mobile at the mo! will edit with exact cost per month as soon as) I know its in excess of thousands of pounds in charity donated funds as well as tons of recycleable goods being wasted!.

Unreal isnt it.

Really does sometimes make you feel "why do I bother".


That's the way with a lot of charity shops who have stuff that they can't sell. I've done my time behind the counter and know.

Mind you people do give some unusable garbage that they think charity shops will be able to sell - it never dawns on some that only good, clean gear that isn't on it's last legs will sell.

People also come back from car boot sales and dump what they can't sell at the doorstep of the nearest charity shop rather than sort it out.  If they can't sell it, it's most likely that the charity shop can't either.

Tis why I would rather use freecycle - at least if people collect it, they are people who want it.

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