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Recycling leaves.

I enjoyed this clip and was feeling quite enthusiastic about it until the last two words.

" or landfill" They didn't say what percentage went into making compost, how much was used to produce energy and finally how much went into land fill. Having seen the man power heavy high tech equipment they used for collecting leaves at the start of the clip, I have a sneaky feeling that I have an idea where the bulk of the dead leaves in our capital go to.

Me ? I use some dead leaves in the bottoms of my chicken pens but leave a lot of them down on the floor around the bases of the trees as natural habitat.

Hmm yes. I saw the council teams out planting up the town flower beds using commercially bought in compost - not even the stuff from their own composting facilities.

Enough said.

I've an awful lot of leaves rotting down for leave mould.

We recycle them ourselves here, black bag them, poke a hole in them, leave behind garage for 2/3 years then dig into soil.

Have heard mention that you can make wine from either green or brown oak leaves - not tried this form of recycling yet though.

You must nip round for some of rotten leaf wine Mrs WW.

Our borough turns all green waste into compost, which gets delivered free to allotments every few months.  

Most years they collect the leaves in ordinary rubbish bags, which can easily be rescued for personal use, but this year they are gathering leaves in cubic metre builders bags, which after the rain need a forklift to move.

I feel some guerilla leaf raking in the offing.

I've been doing guerrilla leaf raking for some time now! If I could get the kids to load their car I could do even more!

of course there is always the leaf log maker......a few days agoon the local news. Some guy had set up a buisness in B'ham, I think!, turning out these leaf logs on an industrial scale...
Wonder what he does in winter,spring and summer    
Part time employment...extreme example......

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