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Recycling ink cartridges

Did you know that you can recycle empty ink cartridges (and mobile phones) through Tesco? You can get Tesco clubcard points or a donation to Marie Curie Cancer Care

funny you should mention that ink has just run out and i was going to buy ink to refill tomoro......
seems a shame to let them go, even if it is for charity, when they can be refilled and so recycled at home.....

but i have given several mobiles, all working, to tescos    

some places you can recycle batteries

Household batteries are on the list of stuff that our council take with the weekly blue box recycling collection. I've put one out today - it'll be interesting to see if they've taken it or discarded it in the bottom of the box........... our guy seems to make his own rules up!

Ink cartridges I send either to the RSPCA or the BHS in the envelopes they provide.

Why does British Home Stores want old cartridges?

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