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Records to MP3

Mrs Wiz and I went over to Staines Shopping Centre yesterday and we ended up in Maplins.
I came away with an Ion Duo deck. It's a device with a small usb driven turntable and a tape player with some clever software included that converts directly into itunes format.
When we first got it out of the box, we both thought that we had picked up a kiddies toy instead, but we put one of our records on it and followed the instructions.......
What an amazing little gadget!
Guess what we will be doing for the next few months.......

Heck! Gwiz, I've been looking around for a good while now, for something like this. Not being very 'savy' on the modern recording stuff...well haven't taken the plunge......just kept on looking.

I've recorded nearly all my Cd's onto an Ipod player, but still have 100's of LP's and 45's singles by 100's.

Let me know how you get on with it please. Just googled the one you mentioned for the price I might take a ride out to our local Maplins.

When OH is not around....slightly over-spent of late....OH is pulling the reins in again...  

Diggers, it's available with free delivery from Maplins

Just make sure that you keep the original vinyls, MP3 is useful, but cannot hold a candle to the original, analogue, recordings.

" You know that was the last thing on my mind"  

12Bore, I have collected these for over 50 years now and still collecting/replacing as I cannot resist at different venues a box of old vinyls.
Much to my Wife's Horror....  

Spent nearly 10 years alone running disco's, buying 5-10 a week...its one heck of a collection....give away my chance....

Thanks for the link...maybe it will turn up on a day OH is at work...        

You cannot beat the sound of real music on vinyl!
(I'll get off my soapbox now).

Having "cloth ears" I can't tell the difference between records and mp3. We haven't had a record deck for years due to a space problem and It's about time I was able to hear some of our music again!

OH... is slowley coming around...  
Thanks to your posting 12Bore......prices eeer! seemed to suit better....

Lets put it this way, some nearly 30 year back, my promise,nay prods there,
" I'll buy you a new  three piece suite when we move in .As we were setting out life together.
True to my word...job done...

A couple of years later  Decided to buy a Technics outfit...all singing and dancing, half price ...still got it, all the sound I need down the shed and G/H.
A damn sight cheaper than the Banger & Olfuson I origionally wanted..

A friend of mine has one, B&O....sweeter vinyl music you will never hear...

Well! now I want to record all My vinyl....and will

I may never have my Rolls Royce...B&O....but I will re-rocord all my Vinyl's...

Thanks 12Bore...hope that does not sound bomb-bastic or anything alike..

Its my next Goal....

Really pleased to hear it DD!
Having sold mid to high end hi-fi for 30 years, I've played with some amazing stuff, including custom design and hand built.
Best speakers I've played have been a pair built by 2 brothers in Scotland, £35k/pr  Upset the owner of a French speaker factory when he flew me to SW France for 3 days and took me to the Vienne Jazz Festival, just for me to say that I didn't like his £60k/pr flagship speakers  when he modified the design, I sold a pair
You have to hear a good vinyl set up, played through a decent valve amplifier and good speakers, a whisper can fill an auditorium and make the hairs on your neck stand up through a good system  

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