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Recommend a book ?

How do folks think a 'recommend a book or even a DVD' sticky on one or two of the sections would go ?
Perhaps  on the gardening, smallholding, hunting sections or one or two others ?
We must all have favourite books on various topics, it might be a good idea to bring them to the attention of other members and to possibly do something along the lines of a short book review. Its something that could be pretty long term with members adding to it as and when they felt like. What do you think? It  could it be useful to both the experienced and inexperienced alike.  

Seems a sound idea mate.

I was just having brekky when I had one of my more lucid moments  Argh well, back to fantasy.

Sounds good to me  

A bit like 'Desert Island Disks'?

Thank God you put an 's' in that Phil.   A little bit like that, if there's a book that you really rate and you think other members would benefit from it, then just nameit and do a bit of a review.
Which of the sections on the forum do you think we should do this on ?

I don't read that much but I used to recommend the Argos Catalogue to everyone  
mind you it used to be worth reading    

Heathen !

The last time I was called that was when I was ejecting a couple of "tea leaves" from Tesco who were helping themselves to the stock    

I recommend the ferret and fereting book by Ian C. Rickard, some of it is a little dated but, it does have a good section that covers everything from housing your ferret to health and welfare, it even has good rabbit recipes in the last section  

And one in Chat for books that don't fit elsewhere!

Looking through the different sections Bodger, would this be best under Further Information and Resources > Recommended Reads and DVD's??

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