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recipe needed

Has anyone a tried & tested recipe for rhubarb wine please?

I haven't but I know someone who has. I'll get on to them to post on this thread.

I've made it but I wouldn't say it's a 'tried and tested' recipe because I didn't like it  
That's just me though - I don't like Rhubarb... and (I know it's daft) but the wine tasted more like Rhubarb that I expected!  

I'll let someone else guide you  

I did some a couple of years ago,

Chop 2kg of rhubarb
Place in a large bowl
Add 2kg sugar
Cover with a tea towel and leave for a day or two
Pour the resulting syrup into a demijohn
Cover the rhubarb again and repeat the draining the next day (pressing to get as much liquid as possible
Top up to 4 litres
Add wine yeast as per yeast instructions
Seal demijohn with bung and valve
Place somewhere warm
Watch it ferment
When fermentation slows, top up to 4.5 litres
When fermentation stops completely, rack off
When wine clears, rack off
Repeat above
Bottle when ready.

This (when I made it) resulted in a delicious, sweet-ish delicate pink rose, good to drink after a month, much better after 6 or more.


ETA enjoy the pie that comes free after step 7  
Rare one

Bodger pointed me in your direction, BP and myself make a variety of wines but the rhubarb has never appealed to us although we grow quite a bit of it. I have dug two very different recipies out for you but they are NOT tried and tested in this household.
3lb Rhubarb (1.25k)   Sugar 3lb (1.25k)  Water 1 gallon (to 4.5litres)
Wine yeast and Nutrient.
Chop rhubarb unpeeled or slice thinly.Cover with the dry sugar and leave until most of it has dissolved (at least24 hrs)then strain off. Stir the pulp in a little water and strain again, and with more water rinse out all the remaining sugar into the liquor, and make up to 1gallon with water.Add a good general purpose wine yeast,and the usual nutrients.If you wish to preserve the rhubarb taste ferment on,but if you wissh to make a wine tasting rather like hock add one cambden tablet crusshed first.
This is an excellent wine for blending as it will take up the flavour of any other and its own virtually lost.
**Reducing the sugar by 1/4lb and including 250ml of grape concentrate instead results in a smoother wine.**
This is a light dry table wine
Champagne yeast starter, 4lb (1.8k)rhubarb, 2lb (900gr) granulated sugar
2pts(1ltr)grape juice(containing no preservatives) 1 3mg Vitamin B tablet, 1/2level teasp grape tannin, 1level tesp pectic enzyme,1level teasp nutrient salts.
To get rid of as much oxalic acid as possible from the sticks wash the rhubarb well,slice it lengthways and then cut into 2"(5cm)lengths.Place in a bucket add 61/2pts(3.7ltrs)cold water then add all the other ingredients and the yeast starter,cover and keep in a warm place.Ferment for 2days stiring daily,then strain into a second bucket.Transfer into a demijohn under airlockas thiswine does sometimes have what is known as a malolactic ferment.This is rather like a second ferment which occurs when ingredients containing large amounts of malic acid such as rhubarb are used. The wine may be drunk after 4 months.

Hope this helps in some way.

Thanks all  

Am only going to try it as have loads of rhubarb  
maine moose

Hi Sapphire made three lots of rubarb wine last year "there was a glut"
the best one was an Old Fashioned German Rubarb Wine.
3lb rubarb
1/2lb raisions,
7pints water ,
1/4 cup black tea or 1/4 teapoon tannin,
2 1/4lb suger,
3/4 oz fresh ginger chopped,
3/4 whole cloves
1 teaspoon wine yeast
the usual methored for wine, just leave it in the fermenter for 5 days before straining into demi john and fitting air lock.
Give it a go it was a nice drink    

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