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Recipe for Bacon

Does anyone have a recipe for brine for pork - to make bacon but in small quantities about 2 - 4 kg. Many thanks.  

do you want a dry cure or a wet cure?

basic dry cure:

300g fine sea salt
150g sugar of your choice.

Use 105g of cure per kg of meat.  Apply cure once and rub in well.  leave 3 days for streaky or 5 for back.  Each day poor off any resulting liquid for the baon.  After the required time rinse bacon well, freeze for one hour before slicing for the perfect rasher.

Please note that this receipe does not containe pottasiam nitrate so when you cook the bacon it will be pale and not bright pink like the commerical stuff.  Keep away from metal particularly tin foil.



Oooh Debbie, that's really simple     Sorry to be naive here - belly pork as the cut for streaky yes?  Might start some off at the weekend.  Thank you x  What cut of pork would I need for back bacon?  Stupid questions I know but I've never done this before and would like to have a go.

belly pork for streaky and loin for back.  It really is that simple.  If everyone knew they would never buy bacon again!  Get the best pork you can though - super market water injected stuff is not going to give the best results I am afraid.  Just think additive free bacon without the carceogenic nasties!  
This is a good breakfast bacon that won't need soaking before you can eat it.  The reason for the freezing is to firm the meat say making for easy slicing.  People that come on our courses love it and very rarely go back to the shop stuff if their emails are anything to go by

Thanks Debbie - will give it a go with some local pork.

Still hoping to re-place that order with you someday soon as things may be starting to look up on the income front     Will PM you in due course.

I am hopeing you might be able to drop in for a visit next time you are down this way.  Would love to meet you in person

debbie wrote:
I am hopeing you might be able to drop in for a visit next time you are down this way.  Would love to meet you in person

That is a definite next time we're down in Devon     Will PM you when we know we're next going to be down  

I'm going to hold you to that this time Terri xx


Rightho, following Debbie's basic dry cure recipe, I've just massaged my first kilo of belly pork and we're really looking forward to trying the bacon in three days' time.

If we like it, it'll be loin for back bacon next time  

Will report in on the flavour.  The colour thing really doesn't bother us so we don't care that it won't be barbie pink in colour.

Thank you for the dry cure for bacon.  I made two pieces - one belly pork and the other a piece of loin.  Yesterday washed off the cure and dried and put in the freezer for 30 mins then sliced on electric slicer into lovely rashers.  Could not resist trying some immediately and it was delicious.  Put slices in freezer for later.  Again many thanks.  Now do you have a recipe for wet cure which I would like to try as well.

I certainly do - give me half an hour to sort myself out and I'll post it up for you. (just come in from doing the animals and am a bit snow bound - feel the urge to warm up a bit to get brain into gear )

Got to agree with Debbie about not going back to shop bought Bacon. We have dry cured half a Pig and love the Bacon. Its been hanging in the old Cow shed since November. The taste gets better as it matures.
My mix was half kilo of salt. quarter kilo of soft brown sugar. 12 crushed Juniper Berrys. 2 fresh Bay leaves and some whole Black peppercorns roughly crushed. Then applyed like Debbies. Sorted.
However, my Bacon does need to soak to get the required saltiness. But it was cured a little harder to get the long life hanging that I need.



Well, we've just cooked up some of my first ever home cured bacon and we definitely won't be going back to that yucky liquid spilling shop bought stuff!

Thanks Debbie      for giving a recipe that wasn't at all daunting and has now set me on the road to trying other cures as well.  It's probably not such a big thing to get excited about for those of you who have been doing it for years but it's a big step for the WW family here and I'm dead chuffed with it  

Any other dry cure recipes that are tried and tested on here????

thats the basic recipe Mrs WW.  very it to suit.  some coarsly crush juniper added to the cure is nice as is some bruised bay and course cracked black pepper.  Ring the changeswith the sugar - dark muscavardo givesa totally different flavour.  If you want a heavier cure drop the sugar content a bit.  I make a heavy cure for a pancetta style fat bacon that I cure for around q0 days (far too salty to eat on its own) that I then smoke and use as a lubricant base when cooking game.

For a wet cure for either wet cured bacon add 500g of sea salt and two tablespoons of sugar to 5 ltrs of water.  This is a good base for the wet cure bacon and for homemade gammons and hams.  Again you can add flavourings in the form of herbs and spices to very it or even replace the sugar with double the amount of maple syrup or honey.  A hock would take around three days to cure a 2 kg leg joint 10 days.  If you are using an alcohol (like cider) as a base instead of water you need to double the salt content and boil the mix for ten minutes before cooling and adding your meat otherwise it will do with the sugar content of the alcohol.  The wet cure can be used for all sorts not just pork - add a rolled brisket for the best conedbeef you have ever had and I once made a venison ham that was stunning.

Just a few ideas

Getting some pork loin at the weekend so will try with dark muscovado sugar and juniper berries in the mix.  Still the same quantity of sugar to salt I guess?

certainly is

The pork loin was started yesterday - looking forward to having our first back bacon on Saturday morning  

BTW - used the JO flavour shaker to beat the bejesus out of the juniper berries.

Kind of theraputic knocking bells out of bacon ingrediants isnt it  

Diz wrote:
Kind of theraputic knocking bells out of bacon ingrediants isnt it  

Certainly is     As is the massaging the cure into the meat  

For smoked bacon, I'm assuming this would be done after curing.....but for how long please?

yes, smoke after curing.  for how long depends on the size and thickness of meat but at least four to six hours.  for pancetta and hams I often coldsmoked for six hours first then go on to hot smoke for the same time again.

Deb's, we was in our local pukka butchers yesterday and got chatting as you do when you're the only customers.
Asked about some Belly and Loin to make our own and he was saying that he's having a go at his own. Already does bangers, burgers etc.
He's got his vacume packed with the salt etc. and is turning every couple of days for the next five weeks. Surely packed like that can't work, can it?

I'm very tempted to have a go at this. Scuse my ignorance but does the bacon go in the fridge during the curing process or would a cold barn do?? Then when its done how do you store it??? I love bacon and am constantly disappointed by shop bought stuff. Thanks, Lizzie

I keep mine in a click and lock box in the fridge, whilst it's curing and when it's "in use".  I only do a 1kg joint at a time but it gets used up over a 2/3 week period - depending on how many of our friends catch on to what time I'm doing bacon sarnies on a Saturday morning  

The latest mix I'm using of salt, dark muscovado sugar and juniper berries is really tasty.  When I've finished this batch of cure mixture I want to move onto one using black treacle.

Calling Debbie . . . . quantities/suggestions for a Black Treacle cure????

300g salt and 140g black treacle?  Or is it not that simple?  I don't really want to ruin a perfectly good piece of pork so your advice would be appreciated if you can help.

Thank you x

Any other dry cure recipes that are tried and tested on here????[/quote]
Here's mine:
home-made bacon

   * 1lb 2oz (500g) belly of pork without bone or rind (can use to make jellied stock for pies)
   * 100ml maple syrup
   * 4oz molasses sugar
   * ˝tsp each of black pepper, juniper berries and allspice berries, lightly crushed,  couple of crushed bay leaves
   * 2oz rock salt

Put all the ingredients bar the rock salt in a glass or plastic container and rub well in. Turn pork over after about 12 hours and rub again. 24 hours from start add the rock salt and rub in. Turn meat morning and evening. After 5 days (more or less, it's up to you), remove the now bacon and rinse the bits off, dry it and wrap in greaseproof paper.

It's nice sliced and grilled for breakfast on in bacon sandwiches. It's what I used, chopped in pancetta-like pieces for my Boston Baked Beans.

...and here's mine

Per kg meat:

18.5gm Salt
10gm Sugar of choice - Demerara's good
2.5gm Cure #1
0.5gm Sodium ascorbate (optional)

Herbs and spices of choice.

Use pro rata for smaller/larger amounts of meat.

Sprinkle about 80% - 90% of the cure mix onto the flesh side of the meat and rub well in, getting into all the folds and crevices. Don’t forget the ends. The remainder is sprinkled onto the skin/fat side and rubbed in well.

Now either vac-pac or put the meat, along with any cure that fell off whilst you were rubbing it in, into a food grade bag, or wrap it well in cling film. In fact it's easier to put the meat into the bag and then rub the cure into it! Put it into the fridge; on a tray’s best, just in case it leaks. Every day or two turn it over and give it a bit of a rub; you can do this ‘through’ the bag without opening it. Don’t worry if liquid comes out of the meat. It often, but not always, does. Just leave it all in the bag.

Cure the meat for at least 1 day for each ˝ inch (13mm) of thickness, plus two days. This type of cure is not time critical, it won’t be too salty if you leave it longer than the calculated time – so it’s always best to err on the side of caution. If in doubt leave it a little longer.

Wash the meat,  slice it and enjoy.


Thanks Gerry and Midlandsman - will let you know when I get round to trying these - have printed them off  

FWIW there's a tutorial and calculator for the cure here:
Big Phil

Debs, o font of all piggy knowledge, what cure dtd you use for venison?

I used a wet cure being 100g sea salt to every 1ltr of water.  I used 5ltrs of water in total.  I also added two tablesspoons of muscarvardo sugar a couple of bay leaves, half a dozen juniper berries and some black peer corns.  This is the cure I use for most of my hams at the moment.  I left the joint for 10 days rinsed, dried  then hot smoked.

You will notice in my cures that I don't use any nitrates.  This is a metter of choice.

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