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Recent saltwater fishing trip.

Fifth trip to the Keys with a good friend of mine a week ago and thought I'd share a few photos.

Fishing with the same guide but out of his new boat this year.

Our guide Captain Diego Cordova out of Marathon, Florida.

This trip we spent three of the five days in the back country on the gulf side.

First time using my new 8 wt. rod JC built for me in saltwater.  Casting to a school of permit a hungry barracuda took the crab fly.  Here I'm getting confident I'll have a picture of it with the new rod.  But a shark comes out of nowhere and inhales a 15# cudda...

But another one was eager to eat and we were able to boat it.

My friend JC with a nice size permit on a fly.

My first permit on a fly after five trips.

JC with a shark that finally broke him off.

A very enjoyable trip again.  It's a long time until next spring to do it again...


You lucky lucky man Jim.

nice fish Jim ! I reckon those trips to the Gulf will be finished until this oil leak is taken care of.

Nice trip Jim, thanks for sharing. Impressive fish as well   Not so sure about that engine though. At 200 hp is it big enough  



Glad you enjoyed the photos.  That engine comes in handy when traveling 20 miles in the back country so as not to cut into the fishing time.

We see the bigger offshore boats that have up to three, 300 hp engines.  Can't imagine the fuel consumption...

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