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Real Food Festival - 5-8th May

I've never been to this, but I'm considering it this year.  It would be nice to see if we could turn it into a bit of an OTG meet.

If anyone's interested, my preference would be Saturday 7th.

Kaz and I fancy that Sue, we could very well be up for it.

All aboard the Skylark, who else is going to go ?

I would love to go but it's the wrong side and too far away from pay day for me  

Well I think OH and I are definitely up for it on the Saturday, so it would be great to meet up Bodger & Kaz if you're going to go.

Anybody else?

I can't believe this!  After much to-ing and fro-ing and discussion with friends who also wanted to go... we have a 50th brithday party to go to and so now won't be going at all.  Much as I love my friend whose birthday party it is, I shall be sorry not to do this festival, but I will definitely be going next year!

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