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Re waterproof a jacket...

Hi,  my 100% polyester with a PVC coating is now letting water in....

can i use one of those spray cans to rewaterproof it [like you do tents]?

is there anything else I can do to get it waterproof i.e. wax etc.....dont want to get a new one as this still has plenty of life in it and is very comfy, just want it waterproof again....

any advice appreciated!!


That is what I use on my cycling, general waterproofs and working jackets.

I prefere to use Fabsil, as I have used this product for in excess of 30 years now, without it letting me down or causing complaint.

Go for the brush on version, rather than the spray aerosols: which don't seem to go that far. Also with the brush on, you can easily work a little extra into the seams, etc.

Shop around on the net, I recently bought 5 litres for 11 + 5 P&P

thanks...checking a few online stores now, it does say polycottons, nylon or cotton...will it do polyester?

I know it says PVC coating so it must take this as well I would have thought?


TokaS if the leaking is due to damaged PVC then the coat is non-breathable i.e. you shouldn't be using a wash-in repellent reproofer. They are designed for the cotton based jackets with such technology where the waterrepellancy is in the based material.

In the case of products with polyurethane, neoprene, or PVC coatings you need something like Tent and Gear Repair which is a non-aerosol, spray-on application that adds water repellency to fabrics with damaged polyurethane, neoprene, or PVC coatings. They are the alternative to  replacing these types of items, as the wash-in stuff won't repair the damaging coating as the wash in stuff won't be effectiveness due to the coating - at least not LONG-term.

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