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windy miller

Rayburn Refurb

Morning all the boiler in my Rayburn Royal has gone Put!!!! so striped it out and am welding it up as new one is 450.00 thinking of having the front top and doors re enammaled has anyone ever refurbed one before and is it worth it or do I just e-bay another? It's an old one with a left hand oven right hand fire box not many around.

We looked into smartening up out old Rayburn up a year or two ago and the cost including transport was inhibitive. We took the decision to take it out and replace it. We eventually gave it away for nothing. You'll probably find that its cheaper to replace it with a second hand model thats in better condition.
windy miller

Rayburn Refurb

Morning Have had a root round the web cant find anything that looks worthwhile so may just bight the bullet found a place in B ham that will re enamel it for about 500.00 I can sort the boiler and the rest is just time and a cu meter of fire cement so think I will go for it  

i noticed in our local plumbers merchant  today ,when passing that they  ad two or three secondhand ones in the back.Might be worth a ring  on this number 01758 701333 and ask for the warehouse.

 W Dop and Son , Pwllheli Gwynedd not that far away from you  
windy miller


Thanks for that will give um a ring on Monday  
windy miller

Rayburn refurb

I decided to bight the bullet and strip the Rayburn and have it re enamelled total cost estimate is 1000.00 without cutting corners (plus my time of course)  Now Who burns wood ???I burn nothing but and am having a little problem at the top end of the chimney with soot/tar build up just at the last 5/6" where the smoke condenses. |Anyone have the same problem? I can post a pic if it will help.


A few things

Is it a double skinned flue?
Do you run it hot or is it slumbering for long periods?
Is the wood dry?
Is the flue tall enough?
Do you get a good draw even with the fire out?

When you replace the boiler I know it needs fire cementing in round the edges but does it also need a skim over the front face to protect it from the fire?

You can get a new boiler quite cheap if its not a wrap round one.
windy miller

Rayburn Refurb

No not double skin flue I was a cheep skate on that one but  it is backfilled with vermiculite. Yes it does idle for long periods, Yes the wood is dry bit to dry at times. I have a feeling I need a bigger dia flue  as the draw on it is not brill ;-(

Burn wood in mine into an open chimney (it is a tall 3 story house on top of a bit of hill though so that probably helps!), get it swept once a year and no problems. Tend to get it good and hot at some point 5 or so days a week, keep it ticking over 24/7 the rest of the time. Wood ranges from absolutely bone dry to a bit damp still but all burns fine.

dtalbot wrote:
Burn wood in mine into an open chimney (it is a tall 3 story house on top of a bit of hill though so that probably helps!), get it swept once a year and no problems

That's what I'm planning to do to ours once it finally gets here. I was going to flue it about a metre into the open chimney, then install a register plate to blank off the open fireplace...................

Anyhoo! I've heard tales that this can lead to problems such as Windy's experiencing due to the combustion gas temperatures not reaching high enough temperatures & condensing. I've even heard of condensed water dripping back into the stove on occasion. It doesn't sound as though you're getting any problems at all though.............guess the height of your chimney is increasing the draw significantly?

Yep guess the height helps, very occasionally (3 or 4 times in 4 years as a log burner) I've found what looks to be a tiny amount of condensed flue juice on the floor by by the fire box door but that has tended to be on still summer days using suspect wood that hardly gets above smouldering.

That's really reassuring!  

I wasn't going to go down the route of a full-height flue liner & insulation as I want the option to easily remove the stove if I need to. It won't be on constantly, only during the colder months when we need the heat, so I reckon it'll be ok just to flue it into chimney direct. Incidentally, does yours exhaust straight into the chimney, or have you part-flued it at all?
windy miller

Rayburn Refurb

well after 12 months it's going back together

Now, thats a project and a half!!  

There are some very knowledgeable people on the Green Living woodburning forum who would love the chance to advise you about all things woodburny. I have found them very useful with anything concerning our stove. Several of them are professional flue fitters and installers. Love Lizzie

Hi - Been looking at your Rayburn thread and pics and am at a similar point in the process of taking mine apart. Did you ever get yours back in one piece and did it then work. I'm beginning to think I'm bonkers for having started down this route and I suppose could do with some encouragement as to the feasability of a positive end result. Any tips would be welcome.javascript:emoticon('')

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