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Rayburn 216m boiler removal

Hi we've recently purchased an old 216m solid fuel rayburn.  We've been told that we cannot run a rayburn "dry" with no water connection without filling the boiler with sand OR removing it completely.  

Does anybody have any exp with doing this?  We don't want to fill it with sand as we are planning, in the future, to hook it up to the hot water/heating via a duel pump that allows us to run both our oil boiler and the rayburn.

Any help/advice will be happily received.

Many thanks


Shell we took the boiler out of our Rayburn Royal completely and used it for cooking and as a none too good room heater.

We don't need it as a heater per sey as we've got the oil for heating and it'll just be kept ticking over and used for cooking and for whatever radiant heat we get from it.

What i'm trying to get is advice on how it's removed?  Is it worth removing it and putting in fire blocks?

sorry can't help with a Rayburn but we have a NZ made "Shacklock coal"range and wet back water heater which we used for a while without water, we were told not to block pipes off just let air flow so that as it heats goes out cold comes in. It worked for us ok.

sorry no help but this might  

or this

i went out and bought a load of fire bricks and kiln dried sand today so the boiler is filling up (i'm having a break) with sand as i type.  What a pain in the arse job lol

Thank you all  

No need to remove it  - providing the wet back is sound, I have been running my rayburn for 4-5 years with it in BUT NOT connectted , just as the other poster mentioned leave the pipe work open and let the air go through it.



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