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Why do teenagers want rats as pets?  
My son bought a cage and 2 rats last term while he was at university. He bought them home over the Easter holidays and now says that he can't take them back with him again because he is not allowed to keep them in his room rolleyes.gif
I hate rats :q52:

::  ::  ::  oh no poor you, just be grateful it wasnt something worse, if I had children and they brought a snake home I actually think I would die of fright on the spot and not let them in until it had gone!

What will you do with them? Keep them or advertise them free to a good home ...

We used to have two rats and they were great...well that is until one of them tore half my eyelid off......not a good move. My sister has two rats now and my brother has three snakes. We have always been a strange family.

Strange no ... brave yes!

stretch16.gif  stretch16.gif  stretch16.gif

The rats have gone back to uni    
They are really friendly and spend the day up sleeves or in hoods but it still make me shiver to think of their horrible scaly tails.
How long do they live????  ::
mrs tiggywinkle

:-? Tooooooo long!!!!!!

       Actually I've no idea   sorry!

I'm really sorry to say this, but I shoot rats. Boo and hiss at me now guys. I simply cannot split the fancy rats up from them gray ones that scuttle around at dusk...........................

Don't worry, you haven't upset me. Just because they are fancy colours doesn't top me thinking of dirty, grey rats :-?  Ugh :-?

My Sister's rats are "Huskies?" Grey and white...they do look like miniature huskies....very cute.

I love Rats  they make great pets, ive had many colours & coat textures over the years. Lilac, chocolate, silver fawn, mink, blue& siamese with all manner of markings. I love the curly coated rex variety best, my fave Rat ever MacTavish was a silver fawn rex.... gold with silver guard hairs Gorgeous. Ive found them to be loving, friendly, cuddly and very clean, infact MacTavish used to climb out of my bed to go to the loo in his litter tray :cheers: I had a friend who'd rescued a litter of wild babies & kept the surviving two as pets, once they had tests to makesure they hadnt an diseases. Apparently they only get leptospirosis after a few months, anyway these babes were fine so were kept in a huge cage & led a very happy life..... they were more nervous 7 skittish than fancy rats & had english bull shaped heads. They make great pets far better than hamsters or rabbits coz they love attention & can be kept indoors Oh they smell like freshly baked biscuits :love7:

I like rats too, I've had a few over the years and they do make great pets.

I've not had Pet Rats for years and got my first 2 last October ....I forgot how much I missed them. They really are Fantastic companions AND for those of you who are tail phobic, they come in a Tailess variety aswell  

Those farmers wives get everywhere.

Its nice to see you back here.

I've always had dogs that love rats I'm with dinglydell and others on here.

dani don't know why but our youngest brought some home in a cage when at primary school thats mates mother wouldn't let him keep   so he hid them in shed, dogs got them too.

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