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I do not care about tiny mice but I had horrid sticky pads put down when the rats appeared - and I was bitten. Bad.

Got someone to put poison down well away from where Tikva  could get it.  No more mice, no more rats apart from two deaded ones in the middle of the kitchen and the back room..

And then yesterday I saw a rat strolling from behind my fridge/freezer in the kitchen  into the back room.   Looked at me and  trotted behind my little  foldable scooter in the back room and then sat on the footplate.  

What am I supposed to do?   I chucked a sticky pad on it, knocked it off on the floor and chucked  another sticky pad on it.   I have already had bad rat bites.

So I deaded it [do not ask how] but then I had a deaded rat squished on sticky  pads well stuck on the floorl.

How was I supposed to scrape off sticky pads and a deaded rat off the floor?

Well I did, got the euch in a polybag, and somehow managed to get it in a binbag, the binmen due early this morning.

And the lovely rat-catcher turned up and  put nasties everywhere he thought necessary but nowhere Tikki can get there.

Sorry, but I do not like rats.  And I have no idea how they can get in.

Good luck getting rid of them horrible things

I hate rats too - pleased to hear you have a rat catcher.

Our ratcatcher, who we had to call when we had rats tap dancing in the loft, is a huge bloke, nearly 7ft tall and built like the proverbial s*** house.

He turned up and said "Rats - ugh!" and shivered like a girl "Cant stand 'em"  

He is not exactly a rat catcher - not sure what he is but he is a friend of the guy who runs the macolet [little store] across the road, and he has a licence to use poison, and he knows exactly where to put it so Tikva cannot get near it and deaded rats - oh, I do not want to think about it.

Little mice I can cope with and these rats are really not that ginormous, but having been badly bitten - those boogers do not let go - and the first time the ambulance could not get onto the moshav because the gates were shut - oh, you do not want to know, but somehow they got in but then could not get out to get me to the hospital - yeah well, and you wonder why I do not like rats?

They bite.  They lock their teeth on,  And have to be smashed onto the stone sink unit or floor to let go.

The one yesterday did not get a chance to bite me before I covered it with sticky pads,  then polybags, then did jumpy jumpy and squished it.  

Then had to scrape the ******** off as much as I could from the floor.  And somehow have to find something to remove the sticky - oh booger.

I know this post is from a few months ago but I have a fabulous picture in my head of you Juli! I can't believe you have been bitten by the little buggers! But I am most definitely with you-I hate them too!

freckle wrote:
I know this post is from a few months ago but I have a fabulous picture in my head of you Juli! I can't believe you have been bitten by the little buggers! But I am most definitely with you-I hate them too!

The first rat bite, which was baaaaad, was on Friday 15 July last year.  The rat was stuck on a sticky pad [I hate those things] and I gingerly picked up the pad and dropped it in the bin in my kitchen.

And the booger jumped out before I had closed the lid, trailing all sorts of things that had stuck to the sticky pad - and it sunk its teeth into the fleshy part of the bottom joint of my right index finger and would not let go until I had bashed it a few times on the stone sink unit top.

Blood spewing everywhere - not had a tetanus shot for more years than I can remember, so pressed the button for my private emergency service.  Gotta go to the orstible - we will send an ambulance.

1 - The gates at both end of the Moshav are closed at night.  There is a telephone number to get someone to open them in an emergency, but...

2 - This was on a Friday and the gates were closed at dusk because of the start of the Sabbath, and nobody answers their phone on the Sabbath [it is not an ultra orthodox Moshav but it is still orthodox] and the gates were closed until the end of the Sabbath, then closed again until the Sunday morning.  

3 - No vehicles [except for emergency ones] permitted on the Moshav on the Sabbath or Holy Days.  But how are they supposed to get in?

Do not ask.

And some people keep rats as pets?  

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