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Another pestie mate asked me to pop up look at this rat job in 3 smallish sheds.   In the daytime we seen over 6 - 8 runing about  

Plan is for me to go up with pcp & nv shoot as many as possible, then bait up.
Old farmer was just chucking pellets and found around on the floors willingly, there's chickens ducks 2 geese and a few gilenese   .

Anyway this is up on a mountainside, Monday night i went up spotter out  only seen 1 or 2 rats bobbing about   . i was expecting eyes and rats everywhere.

So i thought right place 3 piles of chick pellets at top of sheds ( farmer stopped chucking food about since sat )     Leave it 10 mins get nv spotter out to view and in 2 of 3 sheds RATS piling onto the pellets  

29 shot 19 picked up that night, farmer rang me next day saying he found another 3 bodies.

Back up there  tonight part 2 , try filming it tonight as using a digi nv.

See how it goes, hopefully this farmer passes onto his fellow farmer mates and i get  a lot of night rat shooting      


At least now my mate hasn't got to use so much poison bait when i'm finished

Well done, and it does sound like fun!

Right up my street Bry.

that really sounds like best of fun

Just got back, only 11 to nite. They were very scitish i think they have had food because i baited  up and they weren't interested in it ( not like last time ).

I took my recorder as well but forgot the batteries  some of the shots were so close i had to aim 2 inches above their heads & throu chicken wire fence too

Shot it done a somersault and i could hear it close to me, being pitch black i couldn't see that close. So off with nv spotter and on with torch  .it was inch from my boot DEAD  

Hope i get more like this from doing a favour and good job. Now my pestie mate can bait up and use 10th of the bait i reckon.

40 rats in 2 nights        

Well done  

i do enjoy rat shooting or terrier work with rats . As i get older i no longer have the urge to go out  and get as many rabbits/ pheasants / ducks foxes etc, BUT RATS oh yes

got an invite to go for some ratting this morning took my patt my mate took his lakie and his wifes yorkie xcairn met at a farm yard the other lads had 3 plummer terriers we got 60 odd rats and the yorkie x played a blinder superb 3 hours Degsy

Bet that was great bit of sport  Degsy     Great in it,  did you use a smoker to flush out da rats ?

yes the dogs would mark the holes ,saying that the rats were at home then the smoker switched on and revving .But there were also some corrugated sheets on the floor that the dogs marked aswell Degsy

I have  found that some places the rats womt bolt when the smoker is used, have you found that ?

Exiting isn't it to have rats running about and the terriers going nuts  

similar to rabbits although i dont use smoker on rabbits, they would rather run the burrows than bolt to possible waiting predators .rats die of carbon monoxide and rabbits get dug to with ferret behind them .The fast action of ratting and the determination of the terriers is a big buzz to me

Ooooooo-tell me about smoking them out! We have had a major rat problem this year and although me and the team (Border Terrier and 4 Labradors believe it or not!) have had some good hauls, plus we now have a very nice man who comes in the dead of night and shoots the blighters, we still have a fair few to clear. The terrier finds them, we all dig and then the little one and my fastest Lab tend to get the kill. But we often have to dig a long way which makes a mess and takes a while. So smoking them out would be great! Do I need something special to do it? (OH has a smoker for his bees thinking about it.... ) And how do I go about it?

freckle you need a 2 stroke engine i.e chainsaw strimmer hedge strimmer with a exhaust fitted BOBS your auntie  

Freckle as Degsy  says  an old strimmer/ chainsaw blower etc  (must be 2 stroke ) then get a piece of tube welded to the exhaust manifold. Then t thick piece of heat resistance tubing on the end if the welded exhaust.

Just a tad too much 2stroke oil added to the mixture  ( to make it smoke more ( not too much as the plug will oil up and it wont run right )

Then start up machine put tubing /pipe down used rat holes and rev to get the smoke to go around the tunnels, you should see smoke coming from other entrances and many other parts lol .

Most of the time rats bolt from their burrows and either the dogs or you/friends with sticks / alcathene pipe WHACK the the rats.

Great fun it is too, your nice man who comes at night to shoot won't like it lol ( unless you invite him to help you )    


I love rats...........

especially when using these.



Poor old stumpy !  

Top one would would look ace mounted on the bonnet of a Land Rover!

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