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My sis-in-law rents a house off the place Pete used to work (yep, the very same who tried to screw him over, until I got involved.... ) anyway, her yard backs onto the lorry yard, and she has a dog called Tomas, a little black dog of mixed ancestry, and she has also been dog-sitting my step-daughters dog, who is a staffie...

Yesterday afternoon, Ann let the dogs out, then heard the most awful noise and thought they were fighting, she ran out and found them both sitting proudly next to the biggest rat she had ever seen! by all accounts it was a monster! She then called the landlord who lives 5 houses down (he owns the whole row and rents them out) and he came round to remove it.....

Now she's waiting for the rest of the rat family to show themselves, and has decided to keep the back door shut from now on!

Yikes - think i would be keeping the back door shut too

hope they get the problem sorted real soon and no more incidents

You can't beat having a couple of dogs for such "nastiness"

Our Inca thinks he's the rat hunting king because he has caught a couple in our wildlife garden. Problem is he doesn't understand the command " Goodlad,now put it down, NOtakeit away drop it, DROP IT don'tbring it here aagghhh GO AWAY WITH IT aaaggghh" Can't think why.

Lilly is the sneaky one who cuts off their line of escape while the big fella bounces them and then throws them around a bit. Once they have "shuffled off" lilly then and only then reenacts the kill, barking at them and making false rushses at them. And much as with Inca,her being half spaniel she wants to bring them to you and looks so upset when you are less than pleased...

For days after she will show you where the deed was done.

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