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Rather than I've been too

Rather than I've been too, its a case of I'm going too.

As you know, our recent holiday to Malta didn't turn out to be exactly what we wanted, so yesterday afternoon we sat down and designed one that should be much more our cup of tea. We're going to be off down to Devon at the end of next month. I'm glad that we wont have to wait very long for our second break and heres a flavour of what we'll be doing.

We'll be setting off quite early on a Sunday morning loaded up with Light Sussex hatching eggs for Debbie and Jimbo  

We'll be staying with Debbie for a couple of nights at Hidden Valley Pigs. She assures me that we'll be stopping in the house rather than with the grunters.
We've met Debbie and Simon before and we get on like a house on fire.

We'll spend our first full day in the area with them and debs has offered to show us how to butcher half a pig properly. Anything has got to be better than the hacking technique that I employed on the last one of our own that I did.

The second day, we'll be going to the lovely fishing village of Beer and the Owen's may very well come along with us. The last time that I was there, I was still in shorts and into bird nesting. Ok! Ok! So I was a late developer.

I can well remember my dad taking us out mackerel fishing in a little boat that was launched from that steep shingle beach you can see in the photograph.

A few miles up the road from Beer, there's a cider equipment company called Vigo and while in the area, we'll be calling in there to purchase a couple of juice settling tanks and a small bottling machine. I've been meaning to pay a visit for sometime but could never justify the time and money. This trip see's me killing two birds with the one stone.

Expensive but essential if my plans to start an apple juice and eventually, a cider business are to ever materialise.

After two nights at Debbies, we'll be travelling down to Liskeard in Cornwall, where we'll be stopping B&B at this place.

Check their website out and their pigs. GOS ! My favourite breed of pigs

This will be our base to go to The Eden Project from and then, the following day, to go to Morwellham Quay, home of the Edwardian Farm series.

The next leg of our journey will see us leaving the West Country and travelling up to Peterstow and our favourite cider farm where we'll be stopping for the last two nights of our break. While we're there, I'll be picking up a 45 gallon oak barrel. Did I mention that I was taking poor old Kaz away on holiday in a Ford Connect van?

On the Friday, just by chance of course   the Welsh Cider and Perry Society will be having a festival just up the road and as a member of the said society, I feel it my duty to attend.


On the Saturday, if things go to plan, we should be back just in time to watch young Rob play cricket, which will hopefully round off my kind of holiday quite nicely.

Oh Bodger - do wave as you pass our front door on the way to Morwellham - you have to pass me to get there.

Would offer you a cup of tea, but am moving  

Put the kettle on Tracy I've been dying to go to Morwellham  Ouay since spending every Wednesday night glued to BBC 2  watching every episode of Edwardian Farm. I've got the DVD and I'll soon have the T shirt.

It's fab. You just have to go into the shop on the quay - they are all dressed in costume.

The pub does a brilliant cream tea and it is so peaceful. I love it down there. We walk down through the forest that you will drive through as you cross Gunnislake bridge and chuck a right. It's such a lovely walk down.

If you wanted to do something fun, whilst visiting Morwellham, you could always try this....

It is 10 minutes from Morwellham.

Or this....

Fabulous trip.

Thanks for that Tracy. I'll bring a hernia belt for the tree stuff and strap our Canadian canoe onto the van roof.

bodger wrote:
I'll bring a hernia belt for the tree stuff


No feeling old are you?  

It might be that I don't get to see any GOS pigs during our stay at Liskeard. By coincidence, I've just found this advert on the GOS website. Its the place that we are stopping at. Thats a great shame.

That sounds like a fantastic break!
What was the problem with Malta?

There's lots more that I could say about Malta and although the people there were extremely friendly.

You seem to have your hols all sorted. We spent our honeymoon in Beer and it is a lovely place to stay. The pub by the entrance to the beach do the most fantastic fish dishes, all fish locally caught and beautifully cooked. Would happily go back there if only for the fish.

Have a great holiday


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