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Rat problem

My hens have gone to live on my sons  farm  as we had such a bad rat problem.  My son is a Pest Controller as well as a Gamekeeper & Breeder but even he couldn't stop these rats.  As next door have hens and  pet rabbits the rats could feed when ever they wanted to, they took the bait and we would find the occasional one dead but then see another one within days. We have the dogs free in the garden and they have spent many an hour trying to dig their way into next door !!  We are very friendly with next door and have tried to help but they leave the feed uncovered outside at night etc.  So with heavy heart we decided to send the hens off to the farm and see if we can get on top of the problem on this side of the fence.

I feel your pain , we have a similar problem up at our allotments I have a hen keeping neighbour who just does not get it at all, it's like talking to an empty handkerchief , a waste of time ,   he continually throws pails of scraps into his hens ,and they can still be bits left 4/5 days later, I hope you get a result .

Not pleasant but it's got to be ultimatum time. Speak to your neighbours and more or less tell them what you've told us and that they've got to tidy their act up otherwise I'm afraid your two options, are to put up with it or to report them. Not an enviable position to be in.

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