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loopy lou

rat problem

i have just joined this site

i have a problem with rats after my chicken and duck food, they have nested under the coop

my husband used to shoot the b*ggers but as we have now separated i have to find my own solution. After reading a few threads on here i have taken the first step nd bought some neosorex

i now have to try and sort out where and how to set it

any advice very very welcome as i am very unsure and dont want my chooks and ducks to come to any harm (or the nice wildlife)

thanks all

chicken feed

first of al hello & welcome from me

is the bait in block or grain form i find blocks work best for me i have some tubes my oh has put ends on but left an opening both end and i string the blocks on wire and tie off so the rats can't carry it off for the chickens or wildlife to pick up i also use live traps and eithe drown or shoot the rats . if you have brought grain bait place in a tube or box in plastic bags, or if you can see the rat run put some down there.

Hi and welcome to the forum
matt the rat

The single most important piece of advice I can give to anyone using pesticides is READ THE LABEL!

Put the bait down as per the directions on the label, in places where nothing else can get to it, and as suggested, if you use a block formulation, make sure they can't carry it off (rats are hoarders).

If there are burrows, then use a desert spoon to get it as far down the holes as possible, using the quantities on the label (if it's difenacoum, then the maximum quantity per bait point will be 150 grammes).  Once you've baited the burrows, block them up using grass or straw so that birds etc can't get to the bait, and it'll also give you an indication of whether the burrows are still in use.  Keep baiting them and blocking them until they stay closed.

It'll take a good few days before they start eating it, as rats are 'neophobic'; which means that they actively avoid anything that's new in their territory.

Modern anti-coagulants work by gradually building up in the system of the rat.  The 'saturation' technique is the best way to apply it, making sure you top up the bait frequently until it stops going.  When they stop eating it, pick it up and store it safely until you need it again, in it's original container.

Keep your eyes open, and search for any dead bodies.  Due to the action of anti-coagulants, rodents normally die in their burrows, but occasionally, they will die in the open where they could pose a small risk of secondary poisoning of other animals.  Pick them up and bag them, placing them in the domestic waste, or better still, a woodburner or rayburn.

If you keep poultry (especially ducks, which seem to draw rats in from miles around), then it's worth investing in a few (genuine) Fenn traps, and siting them permanently around your holding in tunnels.  You will then pick up those passing rats before they become established.

Whenever dealing with rats, it goes without saying that you should wear gloves AND wash your hands as frequently as possible.  If you've got kids, be especially careful to get them to wash, especially before eating.  If you know you've got rats running around the place, then be aware that they will be contaminating surfaces etc; so make sure you wash your hands at every opportunity.  Veils disease is an especially painful death I understand.....

Never be afraid to call in a professional if you have an infestation.  Mucking around trying to sort it out yourself can be counter productive, and risks your health, and that of your stock.
loopy lou

thank you all

i have sorted out a few sites that i can put bait and the chickens and ducks wont access them

i will try and do this today

i am also going to have a google search for fenn traps -never heard of them

i will be keeping a very close eye on the situation

loopy lou

oh goodness -just seen a fenn trap

i dont know if i will be any good at this

matt the rat


Try this site for Fenns:

John is a member on here, and sells genuine Fenns.  There are also lots of hints and tips on his site, including pictures of tunnels.

Any problems, drop me a PM.
loopy lou

thanks matt

Bantam cock

Where are you girl if your in the midlands will bring the dogs down and get rid of them for you .
loopy lou

thanks bantam cock

i am in wiltshire!! probs too far south

i havent put it down yet - will get sorted over weekend as i have a few ideas sorted out to make sure the ducks and chickens are safe

loopy lou


i tried to reply to your message but i havent posted enough yet!

i am in the village of Wroughton and would welcome your views

loopy lou

having read bodgers top tips thread i am making a concerted effort to get the garden better arranged

i have tipped out one compost bin and am bagging the contents ready to take to my lottie

i will reinstate it with chicken wire on a hard standing

i also have another to sort out

i am clearing all the debris and have been collecting metal bits and peices to rat proof the shed - the buggers have gnawed away at the door edges so they can get in

i feel a bit better now i have a clue what i am doing thanks to you all


how you getting on? did you kill the rat?  im only the other side of town il have a word about if you like as i always got friends ratting il see if i can get hold of there numbers again as not seen there in about 18 mths
loopy lou

i still have a problem with em

am poisoning but they are still in evidence

- under the chicken house, garden shed and under my pond



Best of luck Lou, we had a breeding pod with 100's in 2 years ago and it took our brilliant ratman (hi Simon    ) over 12 months using a combination of poisons, traps and his 'sweet' Wheaten terrier Murphy,before we got rid!!  Luckily now we just keep a couple of poison boxes down and they keep them under control.

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