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Rat man has been

For weeks now we have had problems with rats.
Holes under the conservatory and scratching noises in the partition wall between the two houses, also the loft.
Laid poison mixed with peanut butter, to no avail.
Finally called in the Rat Man....he has done exactly what I've already done. same poison .....we will wait and see...He has cost nothing as such as we are covered by the house insurance...The Rat Man that is....

Rat Man returns Monday's hoping....
matt the rat

Firstly, I'm duty bound to warn you that adding anything to a premixed bait is not only dangerous, but illegal.

OK, onto the problem...

Make sure the drains are properly checked, in situations like the one you describe in the majority of cases there is a drain fault causing it.

Just putting bait down may potentially make the problem worse because you are providing a food source and may unwittingly be attracting more rodents into the properties.

If you need advice, PM me and I'll give you a contact number.

Thanks for the advice Matt, I will let the guy carry on at the moment and see what the outcome is..a few more days until Monday won't make too much odds.
Never thought about the down pipe as its on the neigbour's side.
But thanks again and I will PM you should the need be
matt the rat

Don't wait for the pest controller; get outside and open any manholes you have looking for signs of rodents (droppings on the benching) and damage (cavity wall insulation and/or soil) in them.

If you are not sure, put some test baits on the benching and have another look in a few days.

If there is any suspicion of damage or infestation let your insurance company know that you think there is a fault and ask for a full CCTV survey (most household insurance policies will pay).

The vast majority of situations like this are because of a drainage fault giving access to the wall cavities or any voids to rodents.  Just putting bait down will not solve the problem.

Now a week or so on . listened to what you have said.

We are now a week or so on and fingers crossed no more noises in the loft.

Poison taken....from the rat runs...even the darlcek bins now seem to be free.
Lets put it this way, OH and DD have not mentioned them ......

Bird table.....I'm filling every other day....not now finding scattered food....

Thank for your quip answers and yes I did check out the outside drains.
Fortunately they were at the back of the house....

Had a word with a neighbour who was putting out food   ....bread and bacon bits.....signs were......pretty obvious.....when the runs wee found.

But we will wait and see the outcome....might ..might get back to you  many thanks...    
matt the rat

Just going through some old photos, and I've noticed one that may show what I mean about drains:

If you look, you can see the white cavity wall insulation in the drain, you can also see that the test bait that I'd left on the benching had a good take.

This particular job had dragged on for months.  I was called in because the tenants had had enough and moved out.  Every time they got rat problems in the house the managing agents called out a local company who baited the loft.  After a couple of weeks, the rat noises stopped and the smell started.  The local company then charged the managing agent to disinfect the loft and deodorise.  

I was called in as a last resort, and straight away identified that the rats were travelling up the wall cavity to gain access to the loft.  A quick visual inspection confirmed that the manhole covers hadn't been lifted, so I lifted them and you can see what I found.

I suggested a CCTV survey of the drains which was inconclusive.  Still convinced that I was right, I managed to persuade the agents to dig up the area between the manhole and the external wall.  Low and behold, we found the fault straight away; the original builders of the house obviously couldn't be bothered to source the correct soil pipe bend, so had butted two straight pipes together with a bit of slate over the top to make the curve.

It took the builder twenty minutes to get the replacement pipe, and twenty minutes to fit it and the rat problem was solved.

Sometimes putting bait down is the worst thing to do.  What the local pest control company had done was just provide an attraction in the loft which just brought more and more rats into the property.

I think I have (for now) got on top of our rat problem, I started by raising the sheds onto breezeblocks so they couldn't nest under there, I was only using a livecatch cage at first as I have the dogs I didn't want one picking up a dead un and muncing away on it also we see a Barn Owl ocasionally so looking out for him too lol.
Both my nextdoor neighbours feed the wild birds on a large scale, and one of them also keeps pigeons, nextdoor but two to him has a few chooks, so with all that and the fact we are pretty rural means they are always gonna be around
The cage trap didn't catch many at first and the ones it did were all youngish, certainly not the big uns we would see at our pond of a night. So when I noticed where they seemed to be living - in both my neighbour's gardens, I gave it a go with a chocolate scented poison block named The Big Cheese I had a couple of bait stations, one where they were coming under the fence from the pigeon loft side and one around the pond where they all seemed to hook up for a drink    so after 3 boxes of this poison with 15 blocks in each I think they are finished, I would fill-in the run every day with soil and it has not been re-dug now for 4 days, in the end the cage got me 10, only one being a large adult, a .22pellet finished them off then straight onto the fire pit with a splash of petrol     no doubt the'll be back soon though.
A nice little terrier will be on the cards soon me thinks    one just small enough to fit under the sheds hee hee.

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