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Emily C

Rat DNA study needs samples

Hello, my name is Emily Coan and I'm a research assistant at the University of Reading. I'm currently involved in a research project within the Pest Control unit here at the University and we need help collecting samples from all over the UK (see below).

SCIENTISTS from the University of
Reading who are conducting a study
into rodenticide resistance in rats are
seeking help in obtaining more DNA of
the rodents.
The project is studying the spread of
anticoagulant resistance mutations in rats,
how the mutations interact with each
other and what practical effect they are
having on rat control.
The aim of the research is to build up
a distribution map of the resistance
strains which are present in the UK
with the long-term objective of making
the information available to the pest
control industry through the British Pest
Control Association and the Rodenticide
Resistance Action Group.
They now require additional rat samples
and are asking for help with obtaining
rat DNA from East Anglia, Kent and East
If you are able to access rats in the areas
mentioned and would be interested in
finding out which resistance mutations
occur in those areas, call David Rymer on
07849 102281 or email

Welcome to the forum Emily, please introduce yourself and let us know who you are.

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