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Rare Breed Pigs

Well the promised weaners I was going to buy have not materialised.  
A few years ago I had some Gloucester Old Spots weaners to fatten.
The taste  was Very good but they finished with A LOT of fat, 1" to 2" of back fat.
Was this down to my inexperience, over feeding, etc. or is that amount of fat normal ?
I have fattened Oxford Sandy and Black for the last ten years without this fat problem but am unable to find any locally.
I have found some Old Spots, ready now, should they make pork weight by end of November ? I've also seen Berkshires and Large Blacks. Which would you choose ?
If you get a leaner carcase from Old Spots what, and how much do you feed.
They would be running outdoors in a woodland area.
Sorry about all the questions but I would love to here the views and experiences of all the knowledgable folk on here.    Thanks.

Of the rare breeds, I'm told that the OSB are one of the least likely to run too fat.
My GOS's never see ant fattening pellets, they only get sow nuts  and I feed any bread waste that I get to my adult stock and never to the fatteners.
MY GOS's finish with an amount of fat that neither I not my customers find excessive.
A while back I kept four Large Black gilts, which members may recall were right escape artists and screamers to boot too. They made a hell of a racket when they thought it was feeding time and I found myself having to chuck loads of bread at them just to keep them quiet. Some of them were a bit on the fatty side when they went for the chop but I think they'd have been fine if I'd been able to stick with the sow pellets only regime.

Thanks Bodger, are the sow nuts less fatening because they have lower protein ?
From what you hae said the weaners grow OK on them.  
Rick & Carol

I had Oxford Sandy & blacks last year & while they got to a good weight - very little fat on 'em

I've got large black gilts this year but unlike Bodgers they are very polite, never tried to escape and although they make a racket at feeding time it's not overso. By contract I am feeding fattening pellets & lots of cooked spuds but they certainlt don't look like they are going to run to fat!

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