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It poured down here yesterday, so I spent quite a bit of time listening to the radio as I weeded inside the poly tunnel. The sound of the rain was quite nice if not a bit monotonous but as I was listening to Radio Wales, this chap was being interviewed. I found what he had to say very interesting, he had some really good views and ideas about rural businesses and it definitely struck a chord with me.
Its too late for you to hear the programme but his website is equally as interesting. I may very well send for his book.
He said that the great three evils in the world are heroin, carbohydrates and wages. His reasoning behind the last evil, was that the thought of having to give up a regular wage often stop future entrepreneurs dead in their tracks before they've even started.

His website.

Yes our bavk manager told us we would be going from 1 boss each to lots: him, accountant,buyers, etc.

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