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Racoon dog

Hopes of locating more specimens of the invasive species were literally crushed.  The first ever live raccoon dog in Denmark has been killed by a car, dashing wildlife experts’ hopes of finding more of the invasive racoon-like animal.

Just last Thursday the Danish Hunting Federation announced it had captured the animal, which is considered an invasive species, in West Jutland.

The organisation had outfitted it with a GPS transmitter and returned it to the wild. But just days after it was released, the animal was run over by a vehicle and killed.

The federation is looking to wipe out the raccoon dog population, as the invasive mammals carry infectious diseases that can spread to other animals and even humans. They are also proving a threat to the survival of several endangered bird species in Denmark.

The raccoon dog is slowly but surely spreading northwards,’ German biologist Heiko Schmüser told the federation. ‘And despite the best efforts of hunters it can’t be stopped.’

An estimated 500 of the creatures inhabit the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, just across the southern border from Denmark. However, the raccoon dog captured last week was found in Lemvig – 200 kilometres north of the German border

Since this newpaper article there have been shoot about 10 racoons dogs in West Jutland near Lemvig.

The Danish Hunting Federation has now released a statment saying they are setting about the wiping out of the Raccoon dog in Denmark, so to do our bit a friend and I went out to check some artificial earths (AE) we use to control the fox population, after two blanks, we went over to a fairly deep AE, we put the terrier down and what was pushed out ...........yep you guessed it a Racoon Dog which immediately fall in a hail of No 3 steel shot from my shotgun.

The terrier was still very much interested in the AE, she worked for about 20mins, before we lifted the concrete slab to one on the dens and there was another Racoon dog playing dead, a thing they do when being attacked, It was grabbed it by it back leg and then released where it was shot by my buddy, so that was one a piece.

A good afternoons work, they will now be sent in so the boffins can study them.


Well in Border   A sensible approach by the Danish Hunting Federation to eradicate an Invasive species.
The Irish approach takes a little less effort. Sit back, moan and see if theres any grants available! We are still waiting for the full impact of 10000 missing Mink.


Bantam cock

I'd love to drop my black dog in on one see what he made of them .

Diz wrote:
A sensible approach by the Danish Hunting Federation to eradicate an Invasive species.
The Irish approach takes a little less effort

Same as the Scottish! I enquired about a license for signal crayfish trapping from the Edinburgh DEFRA office, only to be informed that they don't issue licenses as 'There are no signal crayfish in Scotland'.

When I politely offered to catch a few to prove there actually are, I was informed that I would be comitting an offence fi I didn't have a license!

My response was to incredulously question the validity of a 'logic' that led to me being unable to obtain a license to fish for a species that 'doesn't exist', whilst running the risk of being charged with an offence should I attempt to do so.

He hung up on me........................  

We have panthers in the woods near the house.  DNR adamantly said we didn't.  I've seen six of them but was told I was seeing otters.  I know what an otter looks like and it sure don't look like a six foot cat.  Anyhow, they told another fella the same thing.  People laughed at him.  He got tired of the taunting and shot the six foot otter that looked awefully like a big ass cat.  DNR was really upset with him.  Wanted to fine him.  But how can you fine someone for shooting something that doesn't exist.  The now agree we do have panthers but very few of our gov't biologists have seen one in the wild as apparantly they tend to stay clear of air conditioned offices and computer screens.

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