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Have taken a whole bunny from the freezer and fancy rabbit stew - but maybe something a bit different.  late in the day I know but any ideas?  The only criteria is that it MUST be able to have dumplings with it...sorry lots of snow means comfort food and you don't get much more comforting than dumplings.  I usually cook my rabbit with some lemon thyme - happen to have loads on the garden - but fancy somethign a bit differnt - oh mash potatoes should also be good with it!!

This is my new favourite rabbit recipe, from Valentine Warner's What to Eat Now.  In the book he says, quite rightly, that it is particularly satisfying eating rabbit with the very stuff it wants to nick from your garden!  When I did it last there was enough juice so I could have done dumplings.

This is the link

There are quite a few good recipes in the OTG recipe book under the heading of 'game'  

Re: Rabit

debbie wrote:
 I usually cook my rabbit with some lemon thyme -

Tell us more Debbie  

Think I posted quiet a few but ages ago.

Found it.


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