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1 of the market traders kept saying they got a rabbit problem on their little 15 acre small holding, so went up last nite with the rime fire and Night Vision.

Usually when people / farmers say they have a rabbit problem its only a handfull, so i was abit dubious .

Shot between 33- 35 rabbits in 2 hours    left some to come back pick up later in the 1 field.  When i got back they were gone   , as i looked out in the field there was Mr Fox chopping on 1 of my rabbits . i got closer and closer as it was to much into feeding.

I got about 40 yards and was watching it eat when he noticed i was there, then he started coming closer to see what the infra red light was. Crosshairs on his head now at about 30 yards pulled the trigger NOTHING , i forgot to pull the bolt back    Pulled the bolt back as quiet as poss but he heard it and was off like Lightning  

He will be there next  week, but i will take the 222  

This is the first time in YEARS i,ve seen rabbits in this numbers around this area,  i got rid of my ferrets a few weeks ago to

So all in all a good nite but spoilt  by not getting the fox .

Skin flint, take some bullets with you next time.  Well done Bry.

Seems rabbits are on there rise cycle at the moment. Plenty around but alas I have now lost my one and only remaining permission due to change in 'keeper.
Now if anyone within travelling distance of York has a rabbit problem I would be glad to help.

nice read good one.  

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