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Rabbit with Mustard Cream Sauce.

With rabbit season just around the corner,I was looking at my rabbit recipes (planning ahead) and found this one that I used the most last season.

Ingredients: 2 rabbits,

120g unsalted butter,

flour for coating rabbit joints,

600ml cream,

enough mustard to coat rabbit joints.

6 rashers bacon finely chopped,

2 large onions finely chopped, 4 good-sized cloves garlic, crushed pepper.

Joint rabbits and coat with mustard.

The style of mustard depends on how hot a sauce is preferred (English for strong, French for milder flavour). I used Dijon.

Leave to refrigerate overnight or at least 3 hours.

Coat pieces in flour and pan-fry in butter until golden brown.

Place pieces in cast-iron casserole. In the same pan fry onions,

bacon and garlic until golden in colour. Pour this over the rabbit.

Cover and cook slowly in oven for about 2hrs 30 min.

Pour cream over and cook until thickened, about half an hour.

(I also add a t- spoon full of wholegrain & Dijon mustard to the cream as well)

Sounds delicious, must give it a go. I am lucky in that I don't have to wait for the rabbit season as I breed my own for the table and so have an ample supply all year round.
Regards, Lw

Largewhite is right. TF this one does sound delicious.

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