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Rabbit Problem

I wonder if this council have considered inviting local field sports enthusiasts in to try traditional methods of rabbit control? I just wonder?   I wouldn't mind betting that they haven't.

..they mention one man and his ferret, why not try a team of ferreters?  Sounds a bit like they dont want to do anything obvious so as to avoid any criticism.  our local council are a bit that way out....similar thing here , the rabbits are on their ground and multiplying.  some of us have offerred to target the problem [which so far only amounts to digging of the cricket wicket and some small holes] whilst it is still at a managable size.  they dont want anyone seen to be controlling them?

i have played at welshpool in my youth but cant remember the the pitches...


Kill it, cook it, eat it! Problem solved and a load of tasty dinners served! rabbit pie on the schools menus throughout the county should do the job!

Typical though, isn't it?

So a Ms Thomas of 'Animal Aid' (with all her no-doubt hard-won & extensive experience of what's best for the UK ecology) maintains that '"Removing the rabbits will have a big knock-on effect for the eco-system."?  

I'm sure she's just devastated thinking of all the resident native fauna that would suffer as a result of removing rabbits from a 'footbal pitch'..........................

Not sure if she's the misquoted victim of an over-zealous & ill-informed journalistic moron, but I find this quote typical of the woolly-headed & contradictory thinking of the 'right on' Sandalistas........"Gassing is expensive, inhumane and dangerous not just for animals but for other animals"  

And as for 'garlic repellants'....................Oh, for gods sake (where's the 'slapping-head' smiley?)

Woodsmoke same thing here rabbits are a huge pest as they have nothing to hunt them but when it suggested we  could  kill them and turn them into food as dtalbot said NO! NO! cant do that they have to be killed in flash super clean factory     But it was OK to import them from China    

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