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Rabbit hutch and run

had an "order" for a Rabbit hutch and run as well as a pair of bunnies from my aunt so after getting hold of an old rotting 6x4 garden shed i've ripped and stripped and this is it so far spent a few hours yesterday and hope to get it cracked today! its 7 foot long by 3 foot and 2 foot tall the house is split in 3 one store space for feed a bed space and a dry feeding space with space under the house so they can get out of good or bad weather!


update!! roped a mate in to help

rear wall, treat, mesh and roof left to do and i've set my target to get it cracked before dark!!

Don't forget to wire mesh the floor of the run or they'll be digging their way out to freedom.

Looking good


fail!!!! well failed to get it finished! still need to do the mesh and then treat it but i'm not at work until 2pm tomorrow so we'll see!!
Grandma Bodger

LLike everyone else Im waiting to see the finished job keep going  

got it done at last!!! left out the lift out bit hence the big hole in the roof of the run!

Grandma Bodger

A brilliant job Im now waiting to see the rabbit    

i'll get some pic in the morning as i have to sex and shift the boys away for mum! so all the little bucks will be moving in for a while until i sort moving it! so by then i need to make one more for me!!

i pic of the babys in the house and one of the smooth coated ones and last one is a fluffy one

colour it green

great job  

what kind of rabbits are they?

mum is a New Zealand white(proper meat breed) and dad is a Lionhead(proper pet breed) make good weight plus the super fluffy ones make cute pets so two markets open! well thats the plan! i sell as many as poss as pets and any left over go as meat

Well done!!!! Love the pen!

Never seen that cross before! Given the size a lionhead (and that of the New Zealand) ...what are your finishing weights for those destined to the dinner table?

Very cute bunnies there!

have worked out it cost me 6 pounds on hinges and screws!! the wood and wire is all recylced!

Great job that Budgie,nice looking bunnies as well. I won't show my daughter them though, we already have enough black ones  

great bit of work , let us know how the size goes with the bunnys , also what are feeding them , ? sorry for being a nosy old git !

they are run on grass all the time they also get veg trimmings plus a general rabbit feed (compleat one) every morning i was told each bunnie needs 175g's every day i have a scoop at about 300g's full so for one bunnie its about half a scoop and so on. as for dead weight last batch oven ready was between 850g's and biggest was 1100g's

Looks good  

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