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Rabbit and Stoat.

Yesterday whilst waiting (again) for Jane to get ready I looked out of the back window over the field and saw something out there, so I grabbed my binoculars and had a look, there in broad daylight was a rabbit about 5 feet from the fields edge, as i'm watching it a stoat ran behind it and carried on going, that was lucky I thought, so I kept on watching thinking I might see the stoat attack - not something you're going to see everyday, so 10 mins later (yes still waiting) stoaty runs back the other way and completely ignores the rabbit again, thought maybe it is crossed with a cat 9 lives etc  

Today I spoke to a neighbour who is an old countryman, he tells me that the rabbit will have myxy' and a stoat will never take such a rabbit, it has to be a healthy one
You learn something new everyday eh!

I would never have thought! (makes sense though...)

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