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Quite a momentus occasion.

Later on today, we'll be opening and hopefully bottling the first of the 34 barrels of cider that we made last autumn. All the barrels finished fermenting some time ago and this particular barrel will be the first one that was made.
It seems a long time ago now since we picked and pressed those first apples and its going to be exciting to see how our efforts have turned out. Its a bit like Christmas when you're opening presents and you haven't got a clue as to what you're getting.
Fear not, or tremble in your boots, the camera will be going into the cider room with us.
chicken feed


Good luck!

Wow that sounds like a lot of headaches but fun getting them


We've tried the cider and its a little sharp, so we've blended some sacharin into it it and its much improved and very drinkable. I'm pleased with it. Time for dinner and then we'll be bottling 80 bottles of it.

80 Bottles! All being sealed?  
maine moose

Ah 80 bottles, thats a nice evenings work to sample have you tried some with a cinniamon stick in its interesting...

My avid interest in all things cider is a fairly recent passion in life. Infact, it only began about seven or eight years ago, when purely by chance Karen and I stopped for farmhouse B&B at Broom Farm in Peterstowe, Herefordshire.
And as they say, the rest is history. After falling under the cidery influence of Mike, Phil, John, Hilary and gang, my life path has been changed for ever. I just love the ideaology that goes along with the making and drinking of cider.

To start with, we began by making just a few gallons of cider each year for our own use. Our early attempts were made from apples begged from friends and neighbours and they were either eating or cooking apples. So that we could eventually use cider apples in our cider, in the winter of 2008 we started a programme of planting our own cider orchard.
Last year my son and I decided that it might be an idea to try taking our hobby on a little further and to turn it into a commercial venture and in the cider making seasont thats just gone, we made slightly over 2000 litres. Today was a momentous day for The Morfa Nefyn Cider and Apple Juice company, we bottled our first ever barrel of cider.
Here's how our day went on.

First of all we cleaned and sterilised the bottles.

We had thirty four 60 litres barrels of cider to choose from.

We chose this one. It was pressed on the 16th of September 2011 and the apples came from a community orchard at Plas Tan Blwch in the village of Maentwrog.

With a little bit of muscle power, we put the barrel up above the bottling machine, so that gravity would run the cider into the bottling machine.

With the machine filling four bottles at a time things didn't take us long at all.

The next step was for us to pasteurise the cider in the bottles before sealing the tops. We took the cider up to 74 degrees and that was it, job done. Then we fastened the lids and laid the bottles on their side so that the hot cider pasteurised the inside of the tops.

Our cider certainly tasted OK before being pasteurised and now all that we have to do is to let it cool and do some rigorous testing. Any volunteers?
This is just the beginning for us, but hopefully, we've made a good start.

Well done mate -  you are the me I want to be?
Dave C

Well done bodger and good luck with the venture.

maine moose

Well done mate all the best with the venture will have to try some next time in the country  

That is great wish we lived  there to come and see/help must feel real great to see it in the bottles  

Well done! You must feel really proud, and rightly so!

Im making my list up for final grant application and cant find the details of the bottle supplier (you have so many threads on cider Bodger!).

I know there was a photo of bottles arriving on pallets......

Google a company called rawlinsons for bottles

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