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quail quandary

hello good people of all things wild and green
I am a newbie,from not particularly green Brighton.
I have recently acquired 3 quail and wonder if anyone on here might be able to answer a question I have about the colour of the eggs?
In a nut shell every quail egg I see is white with speckly/ blotchy darker patches....distinctive basically.MY quail eggs are uniformly grey/green, with no speckling at all !
They are 14 weeks old , and are japanese corturnix quail,2 females and 1 male.
When I got them at 10 weeks old they were already laying these same coloured eggs and there diet was chick starter crumb and finch seed.
As these are pets and not for eating I am raising them with as much interesting food as they like, to keep them from any boredom as much as as well as the seed and crumb they have a dish of fresh greens ( they love grated courgette, mixed salad leaves, various herbs,etc) and a sprinkling of mealworms.I have recently supplemented the chick crumb with ground up turkey pellets as I understand these are not poultry but game birds and apparently turkey feed has the right protein levels for quail.
If anyone can enlighten me as to why my eggs are a strange colour I would be very grateful.

Sorry i can,t help but    to OTG

I kept quail some time ago and they all layer a greyish/cream coloured egg. No blotching at all. I,think it all depends on the variety of the birds rather than the food. I used to feed pheasant crumb which I bought from our local shooting suppliers with as much fresh greens as I could which was remover every night so it didn't go sad.

thanks guys.
Definitely good to hear about your eggs being uniform colour olde9856, maybe it is the breed?
will continue to investigate.appreciate responses so quickly.have a wonderful evening

ok its solved....I apparently have Button quail and this is the colour there eggs are meant to be.thanks for all your input and welcomes.

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