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Rick & Carol


Well. The intention is to get a rotovator at some stage and the veg area is too far away from my workshop so I needed a little tool shed to keep it in.

Now pigtopia boasts  block built  housing I had last years ark going spare but in itself a bit low and the entrance too small to house said rotorvator. I also had access to some cheap sleepers so I wondered if I raised it up on sleepers it would do the job. I had to level the ground so it was easiest to drop in a small concrete base and it all seems to work. Now I have the perfect tool shed or if I could just develop pigs with very long legs I either have the perfect housing for them or standing back & looking I realised I seem to have unwittingly created an air raid shelter. I think I might get some sandbags outside it just in case...scroll down



That's very tidy and it looks sound and secure too.
Neatly done.


A very neat looking bit of kit there
Yorkshire Geordie

Yon's a gudun.  
It's certainly NOT going to blow away in a breeze, is it?
I like it, well done.

Nice job there.

Thieving toe-rags carry cordless screwdrivers these days, so I would change half of the wood screws you have used in the fixing of the staple, hasp and hinges for 6mm coach bolts of a suitable length, and then use penny washers and nylock nuts on them (on the inside). A2 stainless will be more than sufficient and very well priced

Coach bolts:

Penny Washer:

Nylock nut:

You may have to spend a few minutes filing out some of the holes to make them square to accomodate the bolt shoulders, but it will be more than worth it in the long run....... plus  the insurance company will be more willing to pay out in the event of breaking and entering and/or theft

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