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Dave C

Pups, but a long Labour!!

Well Fern had her pups a few days ago, but what a long labour!

She started at 10.00pm and had her 8th by 6.00am the next morning.

About 7.30am she started her contractions again, but nothing came so at 9.00am we went off to the vets.

They then sent us to the main vets at Barnard Castle for a scan, at 10.00am she was scaned and they saw at least 1 pup but they couldnt tell if it was alive or not, so they gave her an injection to make her contractions stronger and said she would pass the pup in the next 2 hours.

Well 12 oclock came and went and the poor lass was knaked from the pushing but nothing came, so back to the vets we went for a C section!!

Unfortunatly the pups head was swisted over its shoulder so it had strangled itself and couldnt be passed, but the good news was there was a fit and healthy pup behind it.

So at around 3.00pm 17 hours after the first pup was born she finally finished.

Whats the longest labour your dogs have had?

Some pics at 3 days old

Will post more pics as they grow

Poor darling... so pleased she is ok though and the pups too.  Give her some spoiling - she deserves it.  Lovely looking dog and pups too  

She deserves a rest but she may have her hands full for the next couple of months. She looks to be in fantastic condition.

Poor lass! She must be shattered
Great pups

So glad she is ok poor thing, looking happy and a great mum as said she needs spoiling   They look great pups too

Bless her, that wasn't so good, but how beautiful  the other pups are  :csmile

Great litter!  I recently whelped a neighbour's bull mastiff pups.  It was the strangest whelping I've ever attended!  The bitch just lay on the floor between contractions, fast asleep snoring with her tongue lolling out.  Whenever a pup was about to be born, she lifted her head, one of her back legs, let out a quick 'Woo, woo, woo!", pushed a pup out and went back to sleep!

I had to break every sac, cut every cord and clean every pup!  Luckily she would let them feed but when she was shown the pup with a view to getting her to clean them herself, she would just touch it with her tongue and then grumble before going back to sleep!  

We had one that had breathing difficulties but we managed to bring her round.  By midnight, from around 8.00 pm, she'd had 8 pups and my neigbhours had absorbed enough expertise to know how to carry on through the night.  The bitch went on to have four more!  The last one was dead but they managed to keep all of the remaining 11!  

Mummy did eventually start cleaning them and would allow them to feed, but she did the bare minimum until they started weaning.  Once they were weaned, she was even less bothered!  I've never seen such a bone idle bitch!  
Dave C

Thanks everyone, she is doing very well and the pups are getting Biggg!!

Shame about the lost pup but glad to hear Fern is ok and the other pups are doing well
Dave C

Thanks pal,

I am really happy how they are looking, the only slight down side is she has 8 Dogs and 1 bitch (the one we lost was also a dog!)

I will probibly keep the bitch if all is well but i would have liked a choice.
Also i had 4 lads wanting bitches from me and only 2 wanting dogs.

Such is life, ha

Hope all is well with mum & pups.

Shame only the one, but at least there is one. I've my fingers crossed for next year...and a few bitches  
Dave C

Mo wrote:
Hope all is well with mum & pups.

Things are fine thanks Mo

I took mam back to the vets this morning as her C section scar looked to be oozing a little and i was worried she was getting an infection, as she seemed to be hot last night.

She is fine, no infection i think she was a bit stressed by the storm we had last night.
Got some more antibiotics just to be sure.
Dave C

barraboy wrote:
Shame only the one, but at least there is one. I've my fingers crossed for next year...and a few bitches  

Yes fingers crossed mate, is that for the ESS litter?
Have you seen any of them studs you were thinking about, i think i could be tempted with one of them myself at that breeding  

Yes in the lap of the gods with any pup.

Yes that's my ESS, few of the studs are clocking on so hard to see them but the older ones are well proved otherwise they fall by the wayside. Shall be trying to make a few trials this season and see a few more.

I'll be looking for a powerful Ftch stud to compliment her as best I can, few bitch pups would be great but I'd settle for one  

If your serious and there's one that'll suit no problem, i can see it'd have a good working life and spice up your quiet lab life    
Dave C

Hey i have a Wire Viz as well, my life is never quiet  

Yes interested to see how things pan out mate, keep us updated

    oops forgot about your viz

Yes will do, good luck with the wee pup.

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