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puppy update

Two weeks on from action stations in 36.1  

We now have four hefty lumps

Rosefold Achilles [originally Alpha, first pup out, but rejected by KC]

Rosefold Artemis

not a great photo out of focus etc but im told it has huge cuteness value

Rosefold Argo

and finally Rosefold Ajax
Yorkshire Geordie

Lovely - superb.  
Yorkshire Geordie

Lovely - superb.  

Poor little Achilles, I hope you never tell him he had to have a name change ;)

Beautiful pups.
Dave C

Smart litter mate.

I like the look of Argo  

Total cuteness over load

He is off to a good friend Dave who after many years of beating/picking up wants to dip her toes into the world of tests and trials. He is called Gabe, Gabriel as he has mirrored splodges just below each shoulder and from above they look like wings, so her daughter called him Saint Gabriel, hence Gabe.

Achilles the other dog pup is off to another trialing lad, a young bloke very good with the dogs inexperienced but has a great mentor, i know them both and train with them occasionally.

The lad who wanted a bitch pup has dropped out, very apologetic, but that suits me as i really fancied both bitch pups and this has given me sufficient excuse to keep them both

I thought that the PUP had been rejected by the KC, not just the name


haha no just the name someone has Alpha as a Kennel Club prefix so nobody can use it as a name :(

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