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Puff !

I know that I do nothing these days but moan about the weather but this morning, we both felt as though we needed some retail therapy. We drove to Caernarfon and our favourite garden centre and decided to have dinner there. I'm very much a meat eater and the centre does some fantastic dinners but my eyes were attracted to their 'Mushroom, Spinach and Chestnut Puff'
Well it turned out to be an inspired choice, it was absolutely delicious.

Since we got home, I've tried to find it on the internet but this is as close as I've been able to get.

With the chestnuts and possibly a bit of sugar added, it had a sweet nutty flavour. I really enjoyed it. While I'm at it, I might as well give the said garden centre a plug. It was  Fron Goch.

Us vegetarians and vegans do actually eat very well Sir.
Yorkshire Geordie

Bodger, will this recipe link satisfy your gourmet taste ..... ?

It looks and sounds OK, but then I'm no chef unless you want beans on toast.

I'll definitely give it a go Mart and chuck some chestnuts into the mix for good measure. I've always loved mushrooms.

Sounds good

Those big 'breakfast mushrooms' three or four for a pound in the supermarkets are excellent for dishes like those.
Come to think on it; they're excellent for any meat replacement in pies and pastry type dishes.


The big ones are called 'horse mushrooms' here and not sold just have to go pick yourself. Yummy

Lucky man
Ours are about 4" across and chunky. Much nicer than using quorn or tvp or minced tofu, I find.


I've found this one and it sounds a lot closer to the mark.

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