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Pruning roses and hypericum

I have a rose bush in my garden - well, I say bush.  Yesterday it was about 25' tall.  It bloomed in the late summer, gorgeous bright pink flowers, way up in the clouds!  I have no idea what variety it is.

Yesterday, in a fit of activity, encouraged by my 83 year old aunt who is largely responsible for the two large piles of demolished shrubbery in my garden, I pruned the rose.  I cut the dead stems back to 1' off ground level, where there were green stems that flowered this year, I cut them back to just above the last branch so they are about 4' tall.

Does it have any chance of surviving, or have I killed it?  It couldn't carry on in it's current form, so if I've killed it, I will dig it up, no great loss as I didn't plant it.

Also pruned a hypericum quite savagely, which apparently shouldn't be done at this time of year either, but I have my fingers crossed...

Both plants should be fine the only problem with cutting them now is die back where ends of the stems die but come spring new buds will form on the plant and you can cut the  stems back to a new bud

Last summer someone here cut some roses back real hard and this year they are the best they have ever been masses of flowers and growing like crazy, she thought they would die so all the best and hope yours do the same

Thank you both!  Fingers crossed!

Good luck and I hope that they flower at a level that you can appreciate next year  
Paul N

Generally speaking roses would usually be pruned in October/November to reduce wind rock rthe winter months , and their height reduced by about half.

25ft down to 4ft is extreme but roses are pretty tough plants so may well not just survive but flourish.

Check the tips of the stems at the end of February/beginning of March for die back or frost damage and prune down to the next healthy outward facing bud. Give the poor bush some TLC also by giving a a couple of handfuls of rose feed.

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