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Proud mum!

My daughter off the lead rein for her first proper hack.  Lovely little pony - was doing nothing in a field and we can use her as our own.! Intense concentration on DD's face! Love Lizzie

    she looks so great, love the photo they look meant to be together.

Awww, so cute   gorgeous little pair!
Grandma Bodger

How old is she . what a lovely picture  

She is 8. We bought her some riding lessons for Christmas and she has really taken to it. Thanks for the nice comments - T is very proud of her achievement! Love Lizzie
Dave C

Well done her  

Nothing like it.....great piccy...I remember my first hack - I felt so grown up.
Just had Kate in my car for her first driving lesson -    not actually as bad as id feared - she did listen (and I didnt shout).  Hey, ho, milestones in life....

Such a lovely photo. A gorgeous pair.

Lovely photograph, your daughter looks to have a very natural relaxed seat and a lovely looking pony


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