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Proposed topics for the 'How to' section.

I hope to produce two articles in the next week or two.

The simple and safe way to prepare a rabbit for the oven and on similar lines how to pluck and prepare poultry.
Anyone else going to stick their neck out and do something ?
It can virtually be on any subject.

I trust you have your axe?

Did you note my use of the word 'safe' ?

There's the opportunity in the next few weeks for someone to come up with a step by step method of making Sloe Gin. Please get stuck in and don't leave it for someone else to do it.

well you could move my how to...knife from a sawblade,and how to...fillet a fish.

I'll get she who must be obeyed straight on to it mate

I'll do putting a handle on a bought knife blade in a couple of weeks, probably a J Adams kitchen knife blade but maybe somthing else.
I'll also pull together one on making a simple bow.


Coming up later today, how to gut and scale a Bass ready for the oven

I'd heard you'd caught some mate, it should be a good topic, whose going to be your camera man ?

Shrimpy !!!! :-)

       Over the Gate Forum Index -> How to.....
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