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I was having a chat with a couple of colleagues earlier, & we got onto the subject of MP3s, etc..............

Anyone else remember recording the charts directly from the radio?   I remember the days (not that long ago!!!!) when it was a cause for celebration if you found an unused C90 in your cassette collection...........I also remember phoning the local radio station to shout at the DJ for speaking in the middle of the 'Brick in the Wall' guitar solo & ruining my recording!!!  

Rushing out to buy the latest single (on vinyl, of course), picture discs, 12" floppy vinyl, music centres (and if you had a double cassette you were the bees-knees!!!  )

Who'd have thought back then that in only a few years from then you'd be able to keep your entire music collection on a memory card the size of your pinkie nail?  

And if you'd spoken of 'Windows', 'mouse', 'online gaming', 'HDTV', 'digital radio', 'mobile phone', or any of the things we now take for absolute granted, you'd have been burned as a witch!!!

Now CDs are to go the way of the cassette, it appears.................who knows what the next 25 years are going to bring!?

Aye mate,

and getting excited about going to collect your photos from Boots'.

I felt really old the other week, we were in a pub for lunch with some friends when their 12 year old daughter came up to me, pointed at something and asked ''what's that''.

'That' was a jukebox, and a CD version to boot  

Sunday night with my little cassette recorder to record the top 20 - aye, I remember  

Saturday night radio luxamberg Jack Jacksons record round up

I've still got some old tapes with editions of ToP on them. How about a bit of Nazereth then?

Whate are these cassette things you mention?  

Still got all my cassettes and a half reasonable deck to play them on. Also still have a cassette walkman as well.
Every now and then I fire up the old Garrard 401 record deck (as used by Radio 1 and featured in Good Morning Vietnam) and have a vinyl session. I still enjoy listening to the stuff I grew up with and at least you can read the lyrics on an album sleeve, which is only possible with a magnifying glass with CD's

Still got a box load of 78's up in the loft, including Elvis Presley', Jail house rock...
Now for 45's and cassetts....hundreds...   LP's  as well....all are still regularly used......would not be without them....
There's something special about vinle...searching through endless singles and LP's just to find one memorable track....Sunny afternoon, sat in the garden with a tipple, patio doors and windows wide open......neighbours love me..        

And so they should lucky to have such a neighbour with great taste    

I still have my panasonic walkman, and it still works! It had a rewind as well as I was the person to be jealous of as I didn't have to mess about turning the tape over and over...

Captain_Dingbat's 24 years old!


Both our cars have a tape player as well as CD player. Recently I bought loads of Paul Simon tapes from the charity shop. They still sound great and one of them was from 1973!! Love Lizzie

DD has a growing collection of vinyl and a stand alone record player.  I'm considering getting a Brennan but neither OH nor I have an MP3 or iPod or anything else you have to stick in your ears. Nasty habit.

Earlier on this year our portable cd player stopped working, just as a camping trip was upon us, so I dug out an old midi system and loads of cassettes    just the thing we needed for an evening by the camp fire overlooking some of the most spectacular scenery on the Lleyn Peninsular - ACDC, Black Sabbath, Def Leopard, Half Man Half Biscuit, to name a few.  

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