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welsh lamb

Private messages

Not sure where to post this!!
Have tried to reply to a PM - but message says cannot reply as not posted enough.
Please advise how many posts before I can reply

Once you have posted 10 posts you will be able to PM
welsh lamb

Bingo foxes_295.gif
Under Duress

Ah, so that's why it stopped working.
loopy lou

i tried to reply to a mail but it said i hadnt posted enough - i think i have seven posts to date

when will i be able to send a reply?


I've just checked, and the PM threshold is 10 posts

I've made 11 posts - 12 with this and it still won't let me PM - off to try again

Still no luck

I'll go and check it

Edited to say that the threshold is still at 10 PM's

Some post in some areas dont count under some forum software. So that might be the reason.

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