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Over the years on OTG, I think we've got to know each other pretty well and that some of us have fairly similar tastes. Well this morning I found these very reasonably priced prints, so I thought you might like a look at them and would interested to see what you think.

The framing would cost way more than the initial purchase of course but I think I may very well send for one or two of them to see what they're like.  
Rick & Carol

looks ideal for a secret santa

They look great, few there I like  

I cant tell how good the actual prints are but I certainly like the subject matter. The apple picking print is one that definitely takes my eye.

Money no object eh? We couldn't resist these four prints of our favourite UK wild animal last night and sent off for them with the intention of eventually having all four of them framed within the same frame.
Some of the prints that have been taking my eye ( and not purchased I hasten to add ) have been priced at way more than these.
Who needs a signed copy or a limited edition? I don't. There's some wonderful art work out there to choose from, with so many styles and varied topics available.;viphx=1&ops=true&ff13=80

I'm still waiting for my tractor prints to arrive.

My hare prints were delivered this morning and I'm just back from taking them to the picture framer. They'll be ready tomorrow, so I should be able to post a picture of the finished article pretty soon. I've been charged eighteen quid, which I think is pretty reasonable.
Karen doesn't like the Grey Fergi pictures.

I'm sorry about the flash back on this photo and the flying saucer on the  top right hand corner but I'm very pleased with how the four prints have been framed.



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