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Printer ink

I have a Lexmark series 1100 printer/scanner/copier at work and it seems to be eating ink at the moment  I'm sure that it never used to be this greedy. At the moment I use a Lexmark 17 cartridge which says it is for moderate use. It will also take a 16 which I think may be for heavier use but they are not readily available.
Does anyone have any recommendation for a printer that is more economical on ink?

Our Kodak all in one from Argos is reasonable Kaz. Scans and copies too.

I know that Kodak are using their economical ink use as a selling feature of their new printers but I didn't know if they meant it

No probs here so far and can't believe how cheap cartridges are.

We considered for a while, and then tried compatible cartridges for our Brother printer, and have never looked back.

eg Original brother black ink cartridge aorund 18, compatible currently 2.65 - Have been using compatibles for four years now, no visible loss of qulaity for print capacity.

we use - next day delivery, and have always worked fine.

I have a Canon Pixma MP540 at home, I find it very good if you print a lot of photo's - Its one of these multi-functional jobbies, printer/scanner/copier
I have recommended it to people in work and have got very good reviews back.

this is the cheapest place for the cartridges that i have found;

The MP540 has probably been replaced by a new model this year but have found the range in general to be very good  

Oakland we have a Brother here and do a lot of printing some in colour and like you have found it very cheap using compatible ones and as you said just as good  

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