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Printer has paid for itself already.

I was using a Lexmark printer at work that was eating ink cartridges at a rate of one a month at about 27 pounds each
I bought a Kodak copier/printer/scanner just after Christmas for about 90 and a black XL ink cartridge costing 12 has lasted me for 3 months already

Colour printers are the quickest way to break the bank. I've managed without one since I left the last college course and am using a business standard black and white laser printer.  The ink has cost me 50 in six and a bit years despite the amount of stuff needed for this and that voluntary work.

Didn't take many photos printed for me to switch my epson to a Lyson bulk ink system. Printers work on the same business model as shaver, photocopiers, contract mobile phones and likes, sell the initial hardware at pretty much cost then rake it on the consumables

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