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Price of honey

It's been a very good year for the bees, resulting in plenty of honey - so what price are people charging this year for a 12oz jar sold at the gate?

I completely forgot to look at the local show at the weekend.

As much as you can get for it is the only answer

Don't know about the uk, but I have just bought 20lbs of raw buckwheat honey here (Canada) and I paid $4 a lb, which I think is pretty cheap, gorgeous honey too. The conversion works out today at 2 pound 17 pence. (Sorry I don't have a pound sign)

Here, in our part of the states, we were just at the farmers market on Sat last....a Quart of raw honey (grown locally), was going for 15 USD and a Pint for 9 USD.  (Sorry, I don't have the ability to convert.... )

Hi Sandrar I've seen 12oz going for £5 to £5.50 (that was at the Royal Welsh show) which is a lot considering the British Standard one pound (454 grams) jar is usually sold for £5 down our way.

Don't forget to label it correctly if you're selling it to the public. Here's a brief guide from Maismores:

Slightly off topic but I've just been offered some 454g jam jars plus lids including VAT for 26p each. Is that a good price or not? I can have a thousand ( three layers) of them stacked on top of a pallet of bottles, so the price of delivery to me will virtually be zero.

That is a very good price............... but it is worth considering that it is £260.00 for empty jam jars suitable for 1 cwt under 1/2 ton of home-made jam....................and although I often buy stuff in bulk, and set out making 20lbs odd of jam, 20lbs of marmalade, 15lbs of preserve etc. at a time, even I would be hard pressed to use 1000 of them.

Keith and I are on track to harvest in the region of 400-450kgs of Honey this year, but the sale of about 50% (200kg) will cover all our new & replacement equipment and husbandry costs for the year, and so this has been sold in bulk to a local "Craft" brewery. We've negotiated a price of £8/kg delivered, and that is because all of our 24 hives are located in urban areas within about 400-500 metres of either the river, water meadows or both; we haven't a hive located within 2-3 miles of a field of Rape. All but 6 of our hives are located within the bounds of the city's ring road, and 5 of those 6 are less than 200 metres the other side of the ring road.

However, our one remotely located hive original placed to take advantage of a nature reserve marsh located on the other side of the river, was positioned within 100 metres of a local largish community growing project run by a bunch of hippies, Think of Neil in the young ones who up until being busted a few weeks ago had alongside all the fruit bushes and vegetables, were also cultivating a decent size plot of open air, organically grown cannabis; so we are keeping the honey harvested from that hive for very special occasions

I want most of my 25% share (100kg+) of the Honey for home brewing, making vinegars and syrups, etc. but I will jar about 25kg. Keith has already sold most of his 25% share to the co-op, but today we have bought 200 X 12oz reseal able plastic container for £20.00 (10p each) from ebay so that we can jar some of our honey.

Keith and I have now harvested the Honey from 19 of our 24 hives (all Nationals) and we are averaging 17.7 kg or 39lbs per super which equals 1.77kg or just under 4lbs per frame.................. how is everyone else fairing with their Hives & honey?

Our last 2 hives to be cleared had the supers removed today, the last of the frames have been spun off his evening, and all the cut off caps have been gently heated in a bain-marie to yield the very last drop of honey we could extract.

A grand total of few grams over 435KG from 24 X 10 frame supers, or 240 frames in total averaging 1.81kg per frame. ................Keith and I are well pleased with the results..................... I'll tell you what the wax yield was in a few days time when I have processed and moulded into blocks.

Will you be selling the wax, Gareth? How much does it go for in your neck of the woods?

I can sell clean, good quality Beeswax locally for £1.00 per ounce or at today's exchange rate US$1.68.............. I've got around 200 ounces this year.

But imported Beeswax (probably from the USA, Russia and China) is considerably cheaper on eBay

Most of my wax will be used for fine detail lost wax Bronze, Brass and Aluminium casting, but some will be going to two local French polishers, and I will be using the Beeswax tailings for my Linseed oil & Beeswax wood preserver; but I'll need no more than 8oz/228 grams or enough for 75 litres of linseed oil over the next 12 months.

Many thanks, I was curious more than anything else. We have it locally and the price rate you describe sounds very close to what our local stuff goes for. I find that very interesting.

That's it I've got them all done now. The 24 Hives that I share with Keith (yields in post above), and our 2 hives (these 2 are completely separate to the other 24 Keith and I manage together).

Monday I put the separator boards on to the two hives that we have in our garden.

I lifted the supers off on Wednesday and processed the Honey Wednesday evening. The yield from our garden hives was 27.2kg from the two or 13.6 each, for an average of 1.36 kg or a gnats under 3lbs per frame.

It is all in jars and labelled now, and I m happy with the round plastic 12oz take-away containers that I bought for this purpose. 1lb or 454g fits very nicely into each of these tubs.

All of the "wet" Supers are back on the hives, so that the colonies can draw down the left-overs from the processing; we were gentle and not too greedy, so hopefully the available Honey will be taken down in to the brood nest as future stores. I'll give them all week and then we will remove all of the frames for over winter storage of the hives, but we'll leave the empty super boxes on the hives so they can be used as convenient feeding station covers.


I am surprised by the variation in the taste of the honey from each individual hive, such as one tastes of Elderflower, the next dandelion, the next thyme, the ones from the water meadows have a taste similar to golden Syrup, the ones from near to the beds of figwort and Water hyacinth, and Himalayan balsam each taste different from the others, The one from  the field of flag iris, and water lilies on the river near the water works tastes completely different to the one next the garden centre, etc.

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