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Precarious but thrifty.

As you may very well know, I bumped off two oldish stock cocks the other day and this evening we're boiling them up for star rolls in curries and pies. Rather than waste six hours of electricity, we're currently cooking them on the top of the woodburmner in the study. The pan is way too big for the stove and although it looks a little precarious its certainly working.

Going on the size of this birds spurs, it maybe that we might have to watch a midnight film before they're anywhere near cooked and tender.

You don't get money by giving it a way you know!

Blimers!!! Ive never seen spurs like those! Think you may need to simmer them all weekend! Love Lizzie

Definitely looks dicy on top of woodburner

Looks like they'll be good I always do mine in a big slow cooker---I think the taste is worth the long slow cooking time however they are done.

The pot on the fire didn't do the job but the slow cooker overnight for one and all day today for the other have provided enough tender chicken for chicken and barley soup and a curry for tonight

i think i saw those appearing as extras in Jurassic Park  

Bdooly lovely ! We've just finished what is described in an Indian cookery book as a traditional Northern Indian curry. Those chickens didn't die in vain.

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