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PP, Parker and Trouble

Had a great walk this afternoon, and I had to stop and have a cuddle with Parker and Trouble on the way home, these are such loving boys!!


What a pair those two boys are!  Very nice, C.

Awwww that donkey is just totally adorable. Lovely photo. Love Lizzie

Awwww, what a lovely piccy, donkey is adorable  

Gorgeous picture!  What beautiful beasties!  

What - no coats
Are they going to winter outside or in?
Lovely picture

I think that there's going to be some very envious OTG ladies  


Very few horses are rugged here, most people keep them naturally. Parker lives out, he has a good warm field shelter, that is well insulated, and he uses that at night, but he is not locked in...he can come and go as he pleases.  He gets two good feeds a day and ad lib hay.  He is always warm and toasty.   The donkey comes in at night, but only because he needs to learn that he lives with the sheep and to protect them.

I have seen a few with rugs, I expect they will be thoroughbred types and older horses.

What used to drive me nuts in the uk was to see native types rugged up. I have no problems rugging the thinner skinned types, but highland....welsh...etc, I just think it stops them from developing the ruggedness they should have.

Sometimes i wish I had a native again!!! My Arab ( born in Syria) has at the moment....daytime - under rug,Rambo heavyweight turnout. Nightime -2 under rugs, heavyweight stable rug, stable bandages. I always exercise in a woollen sheet if dry and a waterproof one if wet. She is blanket clipped for this year for the first time usually she has a hunter clip as she is in full work. I spend half my life putting rugs on and off at the moment! Love Lizzie

I don't rug a horse unless there is a real need to do so either, Jane.  If I had one in training that was body clipped, they'd get a rug.  Otherwise, they have very nice fur coats, and access to shelter.

Hi Lizzie,

I understand your Arab needs to be rugged as she is clipped, but a friend of mine here breeds arabs, and they are one of the toughest breeds....her oldies have rugs, but the herd is outside, no rugs.

The only thing is exercise, if they come home sweating, they need to be thoroughly dried off before going outside in below 0 temps.

Like Yvonne, I believe they are better off in their own coats, and it helps to build a strong immune system as well. I adore my horses, but unless their is a good coats.

I also abhor to see dogs in coats too....especially tough little terrier types, greyhounds etc can be excepted!!!

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